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An omnichannel strategy, the essence of Phone House's success


The news jumped a few days ago and is that the increase of 221% of ROI (Return on Investment) of Phone House thanks to an omnichannel strategy has put the focus on how to achieve such results with a combination of digital strategies.

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The early warning system of tsunamis in Chile, declared of 'publ...


The Ministry of Public Works of Chile has recently declared ‘of public interest’the initiative presented by DOMINION to provide the State of Chile with an Early Warning System (TSS) of Tsunamis at national level, which means that DOMINION must now develop the necessary studies to specify in detail the scope of the system.

The importance of the technological integrator in Hospital conce...


Cutting-edge technology, suited to customer’s needs and maximum quality; society usually demands them from any service provider, and when it comes to public administrations, it becomes even more relevant since they are responsible for providing essential services for the citizens, as well as carrying out large infrastructure projects.