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  • Bank in a box
  • Industry in a box
  •  WINDROSE (Compliance Suite)
  •  Electronic accounting
  • Setting up and re-engineering processes
  • Fullstep
  • Pro-efficiency
  • SmartAdm(ERP for public companies)
  • Management and control panels for logistics and finance
  • Systems infrastructure
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Managed / total ANS
  • Training
  • Virtualization
  • Cloud
  • PMS
  • SmartGIS
  • Fast development platform for mobility
  • CA Plex
  • CA 2E

Projects / Case studies

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An application to move all the information used in aviation operations from paper to electronic format.

It puts all the information into a single medium that is quick and easy to access. Moreover, this package of solutions aids transversal management of support processes for aviation management and optimises flight times, so cutting fuel consumption.

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Pernod Ricard WineMakers

The leading company in the production, marketing and export of quality wines from Spain, which already used the CA PLEX tool, commissioned us to develop a CRM, using HTML5 with CA PLEX to achieve a 360º view of the customer on the latest devices, such as tablets.

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Cooperative with more than 600 supermarkets. It uses CA PLEX for application development, both in the office and those used in its supermarkets.

Consum relies on our consulting, training, on-site and ad-hoc development services, as well as support for its tools.

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Part of the Auchan international group.

The CA 2E tool was used to develop applications for all its departments, from procurement or calculating margins to running tills, relying on us to support and maintain these tools.

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The no. 1 in parcel distribution uses the CA PLEX and CA 2E tools to develop most of the core of its business, including applications for total transport management, payments, conveyor belt management, integration with the Oracle CRM and so on.

Our company provides support with its tools as well as consulting, training, on-site and ad-hoc development services.

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This specialist in mortgage loans developed all its business core and all corporate applications using the CA PLEX and CA 2E tools, with a large development team.

Among other things, highlights include loan management from the start of the process through to signature, and calculation of instalments and collection.

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Liberty Seguros (SGCN implementation)

Liberty Seguros, world leader in the insurance industry, decided to roll out a business continuity plan implemented by our company to guarantee its ability to carry on its business activities in the event of a serious incident or disaster, meeting the demands of the SOLVENCY II standard.

It also decided to introduce the ContinuityData solution to manage this plan.

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AMV (Ethical hacking)

In view of the risk to internet services affecting data belonging to its clients, partners, brokers, employees and so on, AMV explained to us that it needed a test involving hacking into its corporate web service to determine the degree of protection both of its security systems and of its databases.

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Gestamp Servicios (SGCN implementation)

Due to the financial and image impact that would be caused by an interruption in the services provided by Gestamp Servicios to production plants, clients, stakeholders, etc. we were commissioned to implement a business continuity management system as well as the ContinuityData solution, in order to identify the different risks of unavailability in the event of any contingency and be able to assure adequate recovery of the business.

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Unión de crédito Prodemex

In the process of turning the credit union into a bank, our Bank in a Box solution simplifies the whole process: control over operational and administrative processes, KPIs and connections with CNBV, with Banxico, Buró de Crédito, Cecoban, Spei and SIC, as well as operational and regulatory reports.

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Adicad. Sergas.

Adicad is a centralised platform that allows access to all the CAD services of the Servicio Galego de Saúde (Galician Health Service) to be standardised.

It makes it possible to assess and adapt the use of CAD algorithms to automate certain activities in the diagnosis and monitoring of illnesses using medical imaging, in turn allowing certain professionals in the organisation to download work.

 It will be used by different professionals and therefore is a multi-centre, multi-speciality and multi-mode platform. 

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CadDerma. Sergas

CADDER is a CAD module to detect and monitor melanoma using dermatoscopic imaging.


The algorithm developed is based on the ABCD Rule, used for early recognition of the appearance of a melanoma and describing the most common features of lesions which might be or might develop into a melanoma:

A Asymmetry

B Borders

C Colour

D Dermatoscopic Structures

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SESAL (Honduran Health Service)

Supply of software and equipment for central management of the Honduran pharmacy service.

  • Technology


  • Management System

    Centralised management of the medication circuit, from purchasing to storage and dispensing of hospital medication and other supplies.

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Hospital Costa del Sol (Government of Andalusia)

Maintenance service and development of the document management system (EMCS)

  • Technology

    IMB DB2 Content Manager

  • Project

    Implementation and maintenance to guarantee the system can work properly and grow in accordance with requirements.

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Aragonese Health Service

Implementation, support and maintenance of the hospital diet application for the hospitals run by the Aragonese Health Service.

  • Innovation


  • Management System

    Centralised management of kitchens and nutrition in the different hospitals belonging to the Aragonese Health Service.

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Project Saturno

Migration and maintenance of SAP ERP licences for SESCAM.

  • Innovation

    Total solution developed in-house

  • Total Management System

    Total management



Innovative business solutions that use process engineering or re-engineering and automation to carry out strategic mobility, BI, plant control and other projects.


Strategy, method and tool to capture, store and deliver content and documents in an organisation.

ECM deals with managing information in paper and electronic format and also the flow associated with document processes.

Technological solutions

We help you with growth, profitability and security in your business, by developing and implementing innovative, robust technological solutions, adapted to meet the needs of your team and your business.

Digital strategies

We create concepts, develop strategies, communication channels and Social Media campaigns to market your product, position your brand and listen actively to what your customers are saying in the web environment.


Know-how and experience in applying technology and innovation to healthcare processes, services and quality of care. Our FarmaTools &DieTools solutions are the most widely used tools in the world to manage pharmacy and diet in hospitals.


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