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Committed to our customers’ vision and goals, offering them technology and business solutions to boost their efficiency

Our experience, know-how and passion for innovation enable us to stay out front, developing excellent service and product models.

Activity fields

  • T&T
  • Industry
  • Renovables


We work with : technology partners to the most important, innovative companies in the world.

Workforce : a team qualified in computer, telecommunications and communication engineering and other disciplines such as marketing and business strategy.

We work in : Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, Spain, Honduras, Mexico, Panama and Peru.


  • Industry in a box
  • SIPREV (Preventing money laundering)
  • Regulatory reports
  • Electronic accounting
  • Setting up and re-engineering processes
  • Fullstep
  • Management and control panels for logistics and finance
  • Systems infrastructure
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Managed / total ANS
  • Training
  • Virtualization
  • Cloud
  • Fast development platform for mobility
  • Documentary consulting
  • Documentary solutions

Projects / Case studies

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An application to move all the information used in aviation operations from paper to electronic format.

It puts all the information into a single medium that is quick and easy to access. Moreover, this package of solutions aids transversal management of support processes for aviation management and optimises flight times, so cutting fuel consumption.

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Pernod Ricard WineMakers

The leading company in the production, marketing and export of quality wines from Spain, which already used the CA PLEX tool, commissioned us to develop a CRM, using HTML5 with CA PLEX to achieve a 360º view of the customer on the latest devices, such as tablets.

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Cooperative with more than 600 supermarkets. It uses CA PLEX for application development, both in the office and those used in its supermarkets.

Consum relies on our consulting, training, on-site and ad-hoc development services, as well as support for its tools.

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Part of the Auchan international group.

The CA 2E tool was used to develop applications for all its departments, from procurement or calculating margins to running tills, relying on us to support and maintain these tools.

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The no. 1 in parcel distribution uses the CA PLEX and CA 2E tools to develop most of the core of its business, including applications for total transport management, payments, conveyor belt management, integration with the Oracle CRM and so on.

Our company provides support with its tools as well as consulting, training, on-site and ad-hoc development services.

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This specialist in mortgage loans developed all its business core and all corporate applications using the CA PLEX and CA 2E tools, with a large development team.

Among other things, highlights include loan management from the start of the process through to signature, and calculation of instalments and collection.

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Gestamp Servicios (SGCN implementation)

Due to the financial and image impact that would be caused by an interruption in the services provided by Gestamp Servicios to production plants, clients, stakeholders, etc. we were commissioned to implement a business continuity management system as well as the ContinuityData solution, in order to identify the different risks of unavailability in the event of any contingency and be able to assure adequate recovery of the business.


CSI (Core Services & Infrastructures)

Assuring all software management and maintenance operations, management of data centre, virtualisation and cloud solutions.

Mobile services and networks to transform urban settings with efficient solutions at the service of the public.

Digital strategies

We create concepts, develop strategies, communication channels and Social Media campaigns to market your product, position your brand and listen actively to what your customers are saying in the web environment.

SIS (Smart Innovation & Security)

Tools to capture and store documentation as well as managing their life cycle and the flows associated with documentary processes. Solutions for information security and business continuity in the event of any contingency.

Global Business Solutions

Innovative business solutions that use engineering to overhaul processes and automation enable us to carry out strategic projects in the areas of mobility, BI, plant control and so on.


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