Dominion enters the Indian market with the help of Bygging India Limited


Dominion has reached an agreement to acquire the company Bygging India Limited (BIL), one of the leading industrial solutions providers in the Indian market, with the aim of developing the market of services and industrial solutions in the country.

Thanks to this operation, Dominion assures a direct access to the Indian market along with a company with extensive experience and recognition in its sector. The reinforcement of its position in India has been one of the main objectives of the Industrial Division of Dominion, which from now on will be able to consolidate itself in one of the most fastgrowing markets in the world.  Additionally, Dominion will have a platform that will allow the company to gain competitiveness in all the projects developed in the region.

For Bygging India Limited, the alliance with Dominion will allow, on the one hand, to complete its range of solutions and services to give the best response to the needs of its customers. On the other hand, Dominion's financial strengh will allow them to be able to opt for larger projects and increase their execution capacity, being able to develop more projects at the same time.

Bygging India Limited generated around 20 million euros in revenue in the last fiscal year, it has a solid base of customers in India and a project backlog that ensures its activity for the next years. The acquisition complies with DOMINION’s management model of diversification, decentralization, digitalization and financial discipline; and aligns with the company's objective of being a multi-technical, multi-sector and global provider.

We warmly welcome our new colleagues!