Dominion goes public to grow

27 April, 2016

Mikel Barandiaran y Antón Pradera dan comienzo a la cotización de la compañía

Shares will be issued for 33.30% of the company's capital

Global Dominion Access, S.A. announces the start of quotation of its titles that will take place at 12.30 on Wednesday 27 April.

The company is pleased to announce that its subscription offer, addressed to qualified investors and whose brochure was approved by the CNMV on April 14, has been fully subscribed, having established, in collaboration with the banks responsible for the transaction, in € 2.74 price per share.

As a result of the operation, 54,744,525 million shares of the company will be issued, representing 33.30% of the capital after the offer (that is, once the new securities have been issued). In addition, the offer foresees a 'greenshoe' at the disposal of the financial entities involved in the operation for 15% of the shares issued.

The process of the offer will finance the growth of the company, including the identification of new business opportunities according to its strategy. Likewise, they will contribute to the improvement of the solidity of their balance sheet, which will contribute to position the Company with a clear market advantage in relation to the bidding of new relevant projects.

As explained by Mikel Barandiaran, CEO of Dominion: "this operation that we celebrate today is not an end but a means, an important step to continue growing, developing our potential and integrating new companies and teams. Dominion is called to be a tractor pole in the consolidation process of the sector ".

Dominion, founded in 1999, has grown into a global provider of multi-technological services and specialized engineering and solutions.

Dominion understands digitalization as the use of digital technologies to change business models. The main mission of Dominion is to help its clients to make their productive processes more efficient and flexible, either through the complete outsourcing of them or by the application of solutions based on specialized technologies and platforms.

Dominion develops its activity through two operating segments: Multi-technical services "Services", and Solutions and specialized engineering "Solutions", and focuses on three fields of activity: Telecommunications and Technology "T & T"; Industry and renewable energies.

Four are the keys to the Dominion Smart Innovation model:

  • Digitization: digital technology is in its DNA. Apply transversality to bring best practices from one sector to another
  • Diversification: 28 countries; > 1,000 clients; Services & Solutions and different areas of activity.
  • Decentralization: its managers are entrepreneurs, supported by a "lean structure". Dominion has demonstrated a great capacity to integrate teams.
  • Financial discipline: oriented to cash conversion and a strict M & A policy

Dominion is a company prepared for the future, for the new economy. The digital revolution is a reality and Dominion is ready to play an important role in it.

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