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CRO: keys to improve the conversion process


Many times, we have heard the phrase "selling is the result of doing good marketing", and reality is that pretentious as it seems, has a lot of truth. And more to this day, when the digitization of media and campaigns are the order of the day. That is why it is more important than ever to have good online tools that allow the traceability of the audience's interest, from communication to sales, going all the way to the CRO (Optimization of the Conversion Ratio), something that DOMINION has solved and offers through WiseConversion Tools.


For those who are not familiar with the term, the CRO is not something new in the world of online marketing; In fact, what it consists of is an iterative process that seeks to improve ratios and conversion processes. And when we talk about conversion, we do not only talk about designing a digital product "formally" from a UX point of view (Usability), but also incorporating a layer of business, persuasion and efficiency that constitutes the CRO.



Key points of the process


There are several phases in the CRO cycle, which are summarized mainly in the following: the analysis of the website, the establishment of objectives, the creation of hypotheses, the test plan, the development of the test and the analysis of results. And when you reach this point, start again, since it is a cycle that has to be repeated. The method used is scientific, since a hypothesis, a test and a cycle check are proposed.


As a first step it is important to know the business internally and in depth, as well as to study the market in which it is framed; You also have to know who the competitors are, and of course, the customer. Being on the Internet and receiving visits is important, but the goal should not be this mainly, but there should be a conversion and it should be profitable.


In terms of usability, we must also take care of it, since it will be responsible for creating an optimal user experience so that we can easily find what we are looking for. To optimize the performance of a website, however, although usability is a necessary condition for a good conversion, it is not enough, and there are various techniques and tools that are recommended to increase our effectiveness in CRO.



Solutions to an increasingly demanding market


WiseConversion Tools, designed by DOMINION, is a key piece in the sales funnel that optimizes and automates all the recruitment processes throughout the life cycle of the lead, with the competitive advantage of improving the results of the digital business covering all the Funnel processes of online sales. The way in which online conversions increase is acting at the heart of the sales funnel, optimizing the actions for the conversion and the online or contact center sales process, providing a significant reduction in costs and an increase in business volume.


Among the tools that WiseConversion Tools has are Craft and Balance. The first manages all landing pages from a single tool, personalizing the message for users, making changes in the landings without effort, generating as many landings as campaigns are without technical resources and improving lead conversion. In addition, it controls and optimizes your results since it allows you to perform Test A / B to control and optimize the results of campaigns. It can also be used as a campaign reporting tool, generating dashboards based on the objectives set, optimizing the results and improving lead conversion.


On the other hand, Balance integrates, processes and manages leads by integrating contacts into a single management point. Processes data, applies intelligence in the distribution of leads; injects rich data in the call centre and measures the closure of each lead. It also allows centralization and conversion, as well as completes metrics and call measurement; enables dynamic and autonomous control of the distribution of incoming traffic, enriches the information of each incoming contact, applies rules of scoring, duplication, etc., helping to significantly increase the conversion to sale.


To learn more, check the WiseConversion Tools website.