Participate in the survey and know more about our advanced telecare service


The new service, the result of the collaboration between DOMINION and Gorcabi, is based on a predictive security solution that uses IoT and machine learning technologies.

Oriented to cover monitoring and immediate attention through multimedia communication and later by health professionals, it is aimed at people who live in situation of dependency or alone and is an important improvement in the quality of life based on trust and tranquillity.

The project represents an evolution of the current telecare systems, going from a model in which the user notifies the emergency by pressing a button, to a passive system where the service foresees and acts accordingly to the urgency, freeing the user of all action. This ensures closeness to loved ones and health professionals, maintaining independence in daily life and respecting the privacy of both personal data and those generated during daily activity.

On the other hand, and unlike current telecare solutions, most of which focus on covering one or several characteristics of a telecare solution, the new service is designed to cover all the necessary features of an integral telecare service.

From DOMINION we encourage you to participate in the survey we have developed to outline the needs and know the most valued aspects, as well as the factors that determine the selection and subsequent hiring of a telecare service by the users and their families.

The first prototypes of the service, which will be implemented in November of this year in several pilot homes, are currently in the process of development and production.

If you have any questions or are interested in the service, we are at your disposal to clarify any questions about the project. Send us an email to