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Europe’s largest Waste-to-Energy Plant in Turkey

Design and Installation of the Refractory Lining in 3 WtE Boilers

Project Data

Engineering, material procurement, supply and installation of the refractory lining in three boilers of the Waste-to-Energy plant in Istanbul. Inspection, maintenance and repair services for the reliable operation of the plant.  .
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

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DOMINION through its local Turkish branch successfully completed the refractory lining work on Europe’s largest waste-to-energy plant for municipal solid waste. It is the first of its kind in Turkey and located in Istanbul, close to the new international airport. When working at full capacity, the three incineration lines will process 1 million tons of waste per annum generating around 70 MW of electricity – saving landfill space and providing clean energy to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

Once the plant has started operation, DOMINION will provide inspection, maintenance and repair services as a contribution to both the safe and reliable operation of the WtE plant and ecological, sustainable waste management.



For more than a century, DOMINION has been an expert in refractory linings. We continually improve engineering solutions and installation techniques and develop new refractory materials such as DOMINION tile systems.

In addition to the traditional refractory materials such as abrasion-resistant brickwork, SiC mass and refractory concrete, approx. 2.800 m² of the innovative DOMINION BMM tile system was installed to protect the tube walls.

The tile system has been tested for more than 10 years in many WtE plants. It is easy to install, reliable and offers excellent heat transfer from 5 to 20 W/m²K depending on material quality.

The backfilling forms a strong bond on the metallic tube wall, creating a very safe connection between tube wall & tile.


Additional advantages:

  • Low slag build on walls
  • Optimal expansion with individual felt strips between tiles
  • Corner to corner installation without any additional castings
  • > 3 years warranty period upon request