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Dominion boasts both transparent and efficient organisations and devises internal regulations that protect it from risks and that also guarantee ethical conduct. It adheres strictly to the law and to internal regulations.

Dominion stands by this ethical conduct as is well aware that the present and future reputation of the Company depends on this.

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First class governance: a listed company

As a company that is listed on the Spanish stock exchange, the compliance model in place is based on current legislation and meets the strict standards set by the National Commission for the Stock Exchange, and through this, for the European Directives. Dominion also adopts the recommendations of the Code of Good Governance for Listed Companies. Accordingly, it builds trust amongst investors as well as reconciling the legitimate aspirations of its stakeholders.

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Transparency and Diversity of Management Bodies

The Company’s principal governing bodies are the General Meeting of Shareholders, the Board of Directors and the Management Committee.

To guarantee the smooth operation of the system, Dominion has adopted a Corporate Governance Policy which focuses on the development of, compliance with, improvement of and continuous review of the Company's Articles of Association, Regulations and in-house standards. The Compliance Department performs this task.

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Ethical Framework. Following the best practices

All its actions are governed by ethics and integrity.

Dominion's business is governed by in-house rules of conduct which are based on its values, commitments and principles. The Code of Conduct is one of the most important of these. This is a behaviour guide for everyone within the group (members of the board, directors, employees and workers from all companies). It establishes the guidelines to be followed when performing their work.

Dominion has a Whistleblower Channel as a pipeline for notifications and/or reports relating to unlawful conducts or activities resulting from any failure to observe the ethical principles and rules set out in the "Code of Conduct" or in its in-house standards.

Dominion's ethical framework consists of various in-house standards and protocols. These policies govern relations with the different stakeholders and form a guide for our own actions that extend beyond strict compliance with current legislation. The Compliance Department develops and updates in-house policies and procedures.

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Risk Management

Dominion's Corporate Governance is rounded out with risk management, whereby the organisation can successfully manage uncertain situations and offer stakeholders - especially shareholders - the assurance that corporate goals will be achieved. The company identifies and analyses potential risks that could jeopardise its strategy or reputation, and implements appropriate mitigation measures.

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Good Tax Practices

Dominion's activity contributes to the economic dynamism of communities it operates in by paying taxes, creating jobs and hiring suppliers.

In this respect, Dominion's Tax Policy and the Code of Conduct stress the importance of meeting tax obligations in accordance with current legislation. These standards specifically prohibit tax avoidance or receiving illicit profit at the expense of the Tax authorities or Social Security.