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As part of its ESG strategy, Dominion is committed to a continuous improvement plan of non-financial information quality, which includes the information collected on this website as well as the annually prepared update.

The most significant impact of Dominion’s activity is at the Company's offices and warehouses in relation to electricity used for lighting, running water and the generation of waste (essentially paper, batteries and toners), and also related to employee travel, essentially by plane.

Dominion gauges and verifies the main data with third parties, following a plan to constantly expand the scope of the measured footprint.

Office and Warehouse Manual

For the appropriate management of the impacts that may occur there and to try and extend a culture of environmental responsibility to all activities, Dominion operates an office and warehouse manual hat contains recommendations for the Company's offices and warehouses, while also providing parameters directed at facilitating the way in which the quantification of these impacts must be reported, so that this information may be aggregated for monitoring purposes, together with information on how to pass on this information to employees.

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Main points in the office and warehouse manual:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Efficient use of materials
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Committed to the use of digital media

An example of sound recommendations aimed towards contributing to SDGs

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