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Air liquide plant disassembly, relocation & erection services

Air Liquide needed to provide O2 and N2 to Acerinox, a stainless steel production company, at their facilities in San Roque, Spain. With this purpose, they commissioned Dominion to relocate a similar plant they had in France, no longer in service, to the San Roque site.

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Project Data

Project Name:
O2 and N2 Plant Relocation
Lacq, France / San Roque, Spain
Disassembly of a gas plant in Lacq, transportation of main components and erection in San Roque
Customer Name:
Air Liquide
Owner Name:
Air Liquide

The scope of Dominion works for the project included:

  • Disassembly, classification, marking up, labelling and packing of all equipment and materials at the Plant in Lacq, France
  • Transportation of main component to San Roque, Spain
  • Reception, erection and start-up assistance at the new location of San Roque, Spain
  • Equipment, piping, valves, cabling, instruments, etc.
  • 13,100 direct manhours were required
proyecto detalle