Science, technology and humour come together in the ANDeROID series

With the aim of bringing science and technology closer to young people in a different way, DOMINION has participated in the production of a humorous webseries called ANDeROID, whose plot revolves around a group of young people (Ander, Irune, Félix, Bego and Oskar) that is in their thirties and whose meeting point is the garage of one of the protagonists (Ander, also known as Anderoid).

In this space, which they call 'LaboraTxoko' (the original shooting set, the 'Laboratxoko', is the FabLab of Deusto, a laboratory of the Faculty of Engineering linked to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT), the group meets to share their day to day in a humorous way and full of winks to the scientific-technological world: their relationships, the search for overcoming their insecurities, their rivalries, their immaturity, their conflicts, their frustrations ... A space full of gadgets, computers, screens, blackboards, robot arms and other technological elements.

The presentation of the series, which was carried out by the well-known Carlos Sobera, took place in the Paraninfo of the University of Deusto (also sponsor of the techseries) with the assistance of the leading actors David Amor (known for series such as' Gym Tony 'or programs like 'Tu cara me suena '; Javier Antón – the 'Jonan' of 'Vaya Semanita'; Xabier Perurena, the son of the mythical harrijasotzaile Iñaki Perurena and actor in the series 'El secreto de Puente Viejo'; the actress Clara Alvarado, famous for the series 'La casa de Papel', and Elena de Frutos, known for her appearance in the ‘Aída’ series.


Education, a key point for DOMINION

In a world where the digital revolution is reaching more and more sectors every day, DOMINION combines sectoral knowledge and expertise of a wide range of technologies, where digitization has a leading role to make more efficient the business processes of its clients.

Although currently the term digitization seems to have taken great prominence, "it is a process that DOMINION has been carrying out for many years, since it consists in applying technology to change or improve a process", explains Yago Barandiarán, Corporate Manager of DOMINION. "And today more than ever, in this context of Big Data, IoT or Smart Factory, we believe that technology is differential, and that its applications are very broad when it comes to creating value in any field, such as the industry sector or services related to the final consumer, as an example, "adds Yago.

To maintain its differential offer of solutions and services, DOMINION is aware of the importance of having more people trained in technical areas and, what is also fundamental, better trained people. Therefore, DOMINION is convinced that it is essential to build bridges with Universities and other training centres and work together to promote interest in this type of careers and make the curriculum as close as possible to the needs of companies. That is why it has opted for the promotion of education as one of the most important objectives within its corporate social responsibility.

The proposal of the series "Anderoid" fitted very well in this objective, since it seeks to bring technology to students and the general public in an attractive way. "It attracted us from the first moment, since it is a different way of doing things, very much in line with the way we work in DOMINION", explains Yago. "The experience has been very positive internally: there are many people who have participated in the scripts, and who have been interviewed in additional materials. In general, we have had the opportunity to see all the effort involved in this type of recording. "

The series has had the participation of DOMINION, Iberdrola and NTS, as well as the University of Deusto and El Correo.