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Internet of Things: A future of efficiency


Dominion materializes the IoT concept in the industrial processes of its clients to achieve maximum efficiency

In recent years Internet of Things has been an omnipresent concept in our conversations. Its irruption has brought with it a new technological wave that affects our lives to innumerable levels and advances towards a single destination: efficiency. But what do we mean when we speak about IoT? How does it materialize?


The Internet of Things refers to the interconnection of devices between each other and to the Internet, providing them with intelligence. In other words, it`s a “great semantic field” that serves to bind “certain technologies of sensorization, communication and in general, of transmission and sharing of data between physical devices of daily use, but also of professional use”, explains Ignacio Urigüen, Data Analytics manager in Dominion.


It’s precisely in the professional use that its application marks a real revolution: Industry 4.0. Internet of Things works along with Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), Fog Computing, Cloud Computing Systems and Data Analytics stimulating the creation of an ecosystem, in which intangible assets (software and processes) collaborate with the tangibles ones collecting data, processing and interpreting them. It all forms an advanced manufacturing technology, which helps to analyze meticously all processes, anticipating setbacks or detecting deficiencies. An efficiency-oriented revolution, of which Dominion is not only part of, but also fosters leading Industry 4.0 projects.






With a purely technological DNA that drives it towards a constant technological revitalization, Dominion is at the forefront applying IoT to various projects. One of these applications lies in the Energy and Production Monitoring; this advanced technology, allows knowing when the equipment starts or stops through devices and connection protocols, optimizing the production process: “this digital trace, allows us to recognize faults to be corrected or on the contrary, to identify improvements”, explains Víctor Estévez, responsible of Dominion Applied Engineering Business Development and Innovation in Dominion Applied Engineering. These systems are installed in 12 plants in Spain, Portugal, Germany and Brazil, with prospects to optimize 3 more, and reaching more than 580 units installed.


But just like Dominion does not offer services and solutions to a single sector, the IoT is not limited to an industrial application. A fact evidenced by the Mussel project which aims to develop a system for the immediate detection of contaminants in sea water; an issue of vital importance when it is used for the cultivation of bivalve molluscs such as the mussel, a product we consume daily. This alert is achieved thanks to “a communication between the structures containing the sensors and the coast, where in turn, is the equipment that sends the data to the central station is located”, states Iñaki Aizpurua IoT expert in  Dominion.


These projects demonstrate that more than a concept, IoT is a reality. A reality that we can perceive in our day to day thanks to the Smart Cities or Smart Homes.


But this is just the beginning. The near future brings us great progress for example in blockchain technology, which will favor the creation of Smart Contracts: could you imagine that a washing machine is capable of self-sufficiency by requesting detergent from a supplier when the tank is empty?


Internet of Things is part of a reality that Dominion understands and in which “It`s able to provide industry knowledge and build technology solutions”, affirms Iñaki Aizpurua. Not only in the area of IoT, but also in the innumerable opportunities and challenges brought by the current digital revolution, once again demonstrating that it is not what we do but how we do it.


Dominion materializes the IoT concept in the industrial processes