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Automation maintenance services


The division Dominion Multitechnical Services recently held in Madrid the annual heads of postal centres meeting with the aim of putting in common the good progress of the automation project. And it is that this area is responsible for ensuring the continued operation of the automatic classification equipment of the State Post and Telegraph Company uninterrupted since 1981, the year in which Correos decided to incorporate automatic treatment machines.


Born under the Sociedad de Desarrollo Postal denomination, today’s Automation Area of ​​the Multitechnical Services division of DOMINION continues to provide maintenance services in the areas of electromechanics, electronics, hardware and software, as well as the management of spare parts, consumables and value-added services such as assistance to the operation, customer training (both in operation and management), technical supervision, adaptive maintenance, consulting and software supply to Correos. The services provided come to meet the service levels established by Correos.



With physical presence in 17 provinces and managing a team of more than 100 people from the offices in Barcelona, ​​in a 24hx7dx365d format in the centres that require it, DOMINION, as a service company, has been able to remain as a strategic partner of one of the most important companies in Spain, as well as providing services to other companies in the logistics and intralogistics sector. DOMINION has also been able to adapt to all the technologies and constructive philosophies that have been incorporated into the logistics field. "The challenges that are presented in the future are important and proof of this is the great growth of companies and competitors that have been incorporated into the sector", underlines Angel Alonso, Head of the Area. "In addition, we must add to this the changes in user habits, causing the sector to shift its efforts towards parcel service".



A sector in full evolution


"We have witnessed the evolution of the sector: the exclusively classification of letters, the first OCR (Optical Character Recognition) applied to the reading of the postal address, the video-indexing by operator, the appearance of magazines or newspapers treatment equipment (documents "Flat") and the latest advances in parcel classification ", explains Angel Alonso.



Currently, the Automation area performs an extensive maintenance service that includes automatic machines that are capable of sorting 7,000 packages per hour, up to conventional letter sorters that are able to manage 40,000 shipments per hour, with classification programs to districts, or directly classification to the postman. This enormous complexity requires expert hands and a good knowledge of the equipment; for this reason, in addition to the personnel in the centres, since 1990 the Area has its own computer team dedicated to the development of its own CMMS (Computer Aided Maintenance Management), which allows it to carry out and plan maintenance tasks adapted all moment to the needs of the clients. Through their CMMS, they can manage all types of maintenance, personnel management, spare parts management, warehouse management or the recovery of equipment and consumables.



And it is thanks to this enormous know-how that DOMINION is in such an advantageous position, being the ideal partner for its clients, prepared for the challenges that the future offers them.