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Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence at our service


Chatbots; It is possible not to be too familiar with this term, but the truth is that talking about chatbots is talking about the present and the near future. They are already coming, and they come to make our lives easier.



In DOMINION we know about chatbots; not in vain, some of the Marketing Automation tools of Wise Conversion Tools are already integrated with chatbots. The implementation of this artificial intelligence software marks a before and after in the reality we know.



A bot is usually created in order to perform a series of tasks on their own and without the help of the human being, so that they have the autonomy to make a reservation in a restaurant, mark a date in the calendar or pick up and show information to users. Reason why the most frequent model in which we usually see the bots is the chatbot, that is; a robot capable of simulating a conversation with a person.



They are generally used for tasks related to customer service, and the development of technology is directly related to the quality of service offered by the chatbot, being able to automate all kinds of things.



As summarized and explained more simply Kriti Sharma, vice president of Bots and Artificial Intelligence of Sage, as well as creator of Pegg, the first chatbot accounting market, the chatbot is "an individual personal assistant with which you can talk in the same way that you would do it with a human being and that it is based on artificial intelligence". "The chatbot creates a personal assistant for each business user; anyone has the ability to create their own assistant. We give power to each user", says the young Indian.



Marketing automation and chatbots in DOMINION


In DOMINION, together with Wise Conversion Tools and the product area of Marketing Automation, Chatbots integrated with Messenger are currently being deployed in the social network of Facebook for the generation of leads. And all this, what brings as a benefit is that, for example, no landing pages are needed; or that you can start the first conversation with the clients directly from the advertising. In addition, the response is immediate and the conversations are personalized one to one.



"It is a fact that the use of Chatbots in digital campaigns means a considerable increase in the conversion rates with respect to Email Marketing," explains Agustín Mora, Manager Product Development at Dominion Digital.



On the other hand, when users click on their opt-in message, they subscribe immediately and can talk to customers even after they leave Messenger; you can also see the identities of the clients instantly and allows customer service without the need to change the channel, as well as send the location (it's an easy way to run marketing campaigns based on location). It's a fact that Messenger gets a higher response rate than email, and, in addition, Facebook also helps to get customers organically.



In conclusion, it can be said that integration is native with the Balance™ tool, and that all WiseConversion Tools products will have a direct integration with the Chatbots starting in 2019, offering recommendation systems according to the metrics collected throughout the process of the treatment of the lead, offering better services to the clients and facilitating the process of sale to the companies increasing its ratios of conversion.