CIE will disinvest its position in DOMINION through an extraordinary dividend to their shareholders

CIE Automotive has been the majority shareholder of DOMINION since 2011 (50.01% of the shares). Since that year, CIE has always had the intention and commitment with its shareholders that this position would be temporary, and that when DOMINION reached a certain size, we would once again become independent projects.

Our initial public offering in 2016 was the first step in the independence of both projects; and now, our satisfactory progress in fulfilling the strategic plan, leads CIE to take the second step.

CIE has just announced that it will distribute the shares it holds in DOMINION as an extraordinary dividend to its shareholders (which means that those who held one share of CIE will also receive 0.657 shares of DOMINION). This means that, as of the third quarter of this year, DOMINION's shareholders will be made up mainly of the current CIE shareholders and our management team, as well as an increase in the number of freely traded shares (free float).

These changes in shareholdings do not affect our daily business activity, and once this information is made public, it becomes clear and speculations that have appeared in the press in recent weeks that may have been a source of concern for our customers, partners and ourselves as employees will disappear. In this sense, although our objective is to be as transparent as possible in terms of communication, our status as a listed company imposes some limitations on this, so all communications must follow the times and forms legally permitted.

Here you have at your disposal the Press Release and the Presentation published by CIE, where it is explained and that you can share with whomever you consider appropriate.