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We finish our first energy project: the construction of the KAIXO solar photovoltaic park in Mexico


KAIXO is the biggest self-supply solar park in Mexico. The power station, with 65,000KW, is the first Dominion Energy finished project, one of the youngest Dominion´s business divisions

The Dominion Energy division, born in 2015, confirms its energy projects execution capability with its first completed work: KAIXO, a solar photovoltaic park located in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. The project also has an elevator substation, a high-power line and an interconnection substation for the energy evacuation in the Federal Electricity Commission´s electrical grid.


Dominion has lead the design, purchase and construction of this EPC project that took its first steps at the end of 2016, and whose construction has been finished in a six months record time. The business, high qualified as a services provider, will manage the maintenance and operation for the next 20 years.


This park, which is made up of 204,060 photovoltaic panels installed in 2.700 single-shaft tracking platforms, has the same extension as 200 football fields and will generate 165,000 kw7h per year, which means to provide clean energy to 120,000 families, avoiding the emission of 60,000 CO2 annual tons.


The project has an equity investment that comes from BAS Corporation, as well as funding that comes from the Mexican banking thanks to MNAFIN (Development Banking) and BANORTE (Commercial Banking).