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DOMINION signs a collaboration agreement with the Choral Society of Bilbao


Within the framework of its commitment to support and collaborate with the area of education, DOMINION has signed a collaboration agreement with the Choral Society of Bilbao for the development of the socio-cultural project 'Eskolan Kantari'.


This initiative seeks to bring choral education to general education centres where there is no choir or musical activity, in order to transmit the values of listening, solidarity and common work, promoting intercultural dialogue. In addition, public performances are also contemplated, familiarizing children with concert halls such as the Arriaga Theater. In this way, thousand students are given an opportunity to discover a new experience and to know thoroughly an activity with great tradition.



"We are present in five centres of Bilbao in this academic year 2017/2018, and in the 2018/2019 academic year we will add two more centres. Our goal is to reach ten centres in 2020; in total there are more than 150 children who are already part of these choirs, "explains Iñigo Alberdi, manager of the Choral Society of Bilbao. "During the year we organize one or two concerts with all the choirs of Eskolan Kantari, so that the participants have the opportunity to sing together and in new spaces for them like the Arriaga Theater or the Euskalduna Palace," Íñigo points out.



In fact, one of the last performances took place on June the 16th in the church of San Felicísimo de Deusto, where the choir participants could sing songs like 'La cucaracha', 'Only you' or 'Au joli jeu du pousse avant ', among others. In this case the participating centres were Presentation of Mary - Daughters of the Cross; J. M. Sánchez Marcos - Kontxa Eskola; IES Ibarrekolanda BHI and CEIP Deusto HLHI.



The support of private entities and companies to this type of initiatives is of vital importance when it comes to moving forward the projects; that is why the participation of DOMINION has been of great help for the Choral Society.



"In DOMINION we believe that education is the key to development, and that is why it is the central point of our corporate social responsibility", explains Yago Barandiarán, Corporate Manager of DOMINION. "This is a very important project for us because it is also associated with schools, educational starting point on which the foundations of what will later be the future of professionals are based", he adds.



A centenary coral


The Coral Society of Bilbao is an institution that has more than 130 years of history and close to 1,000 members; in addition, among its members you can count on 500 choirs and 350 students, who have taken the Coral to achieve merits and awards as relevant as the Gold Medal of the Villa de Bilbao, the Gold Medal in the Fine Arts or the Medal of Honour from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando.



Founded in 1886 with the name of Orfeón Bilbaíno, the Choral Society of Bilbao is a non-profit cultural entity declared of General Interest by the Basque Government; at present it consists of three choirs and a conservatory.



In addition to the Coral, DOMINION has recently participated in the production of a webserie related to the world of science and technology, called ANDeROID. DOMINION is committed to technology, digitalisation, knowledge and innovation also applied to the field of corporate social responsibility, with the aim that its progress is also that of the communities that surround it.