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120m Hybrid Steel Stack Chimney with Single FRP Liner

Situated in the north-eastern part of Poland, The Ostroleka coal fired power plant is approximately 100 km north of Warsaw. Rafako, general contractor for the installation of an FGD system for blocks 1-3, awarded the EPC contract for a new wet stack chimney.

Due to a congested construction site, a hybrid chimney design was chosen with the flue gas liner built directly above the absorber. A steel tower with a total height of 90 meters serves as vertical and horizontal support of the flue gas liner. The absorber is located within the frame of the steel construction. The tower and absorber are located on the same foundation, which saves on additional costs and makes the solution very competitive.

The FRP lining system was fabricated in a building next to the chimney, while the steel erection was under construction. Construction inside of the absorber, and the erection of the steel tower were executed simultaneously.

The project

Ostroleka Power Plant
Ostroleka, Poland
120m tall hybrid steel stack w FRP liner

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