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Polimex-Mostostal Case Study

Design & Construction of (2) Natural Draft 185m Cooling Towers

Two 185 meter natural draft cooling towers were designed and constructed at the Opole Power Plant in Opole, Poland. The towers were constructed via the jumpform method, and utilized cooling technology from GEA/ENEXIO.

Scope of work

  • (2) 185M High Towers
  • 65m Shell Throat Diameter
  • 90cm Shell Thickness at the Bottom
  • 36 Radial Columns, 11.6M in Height

Outer Diameters:

  • At the Top: 73.2M Ø
  • Lintel: 101M Ø
  • Foundation: 113.5M Ø
  • One Flue Gas Duct with a Diameter of 8.8m for Wet Flue Gas Discharge


  • Erection of Jump Formwork
  • – 50 Shutter Elements
  • First Rings Concreted in Parts 1/3 or 1/2 of the entire circumference;
  • >H = 48M 1 Ring / Day
  • Hydraulic Lifting of the Rig, 115 Shutter Lifts of 1.5M Height

proyecto detalle

proyecto detalle