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Siderar repair of coke oven battery furnaces

During the repair project of 18 coke battery furnaces in Siderar, the repairs had to be carried out in furnaces that remained with the minimum safety temperature of 650ºC.

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The Argentinian labor law limits the working period of personnel from 35º. This limit in hot repair of a coke battery requires a very exhaustive planning of the entry and exit of personnel to the furnace under repair.

A maximum working time period in minutes for the workers was settled to the different shifts for 24 hours a day.

To introduce workers into a furnace at 650°C, a cold box with forced air flow and insulated with mineral wool was built with all safety equipment and procedures to safeguard the personnel integrity and safety.

Project Data

Project Name & location:
Repair of Coke Oven Battery Plant
Customer Name:
Siderar - Argentina
Owner Name:
Ternium Argentin

proyecto detalle