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Tractament i selecció de residus | design & construction of provisional by-pass ducts

Tractament I Selecció de Residus (TERSA) is a publicly owned energy recovery plant that produces power from municipal waste. The original plant included three electrostatic precipitators (ESP) that needed to be replaced by a new Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system able to grant a minimum emission of toxic Nitrogen by-products.

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Prior to starting with the ESP disassembly, three provisional by-pass ducts had to be designed and installed in order to keep production going on properly. This was quite delicate work, as there was no supporting system for these ducts and a hanging system from the stack by means of stay cables had to be designed and installed.

Project Data

Project Name:
Replacement of electrostatic precipitators by a new SCR system
Barcelona, Spain
Design, fabrication, supply and erection of provisional by-pass ducts
Customer Name:
Tractament I Seleccio de Residus
Owner Name:
Tractament I Seleccio de Residus

proyecto detalle