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Battersea Power Station Development Company (BPSDC)

Historic Redevelopment of (4) Reinforced Concrete Chimneys

In 1927 the London Power Company built a new super-sized power station in the heart of London. Once completed it was the largest brick-built structure in the world. The iconic design, featuring four (4) chimneys had become one of the most easily identified views in London. The power station closed in 1983 and stayed dormant for 30 years, and will now become the centerpiece of an exciting new redevelopment project.

The challenge was to construct the new chimneys to reflect the original ones with all their nuances and details. Adaptation of the access system, shutter system, and concrete delivery system required special consideration to achieve the desired result. The chimney construction commenced at 56m above ground level and topped out and 107m. The work was completed with minimal cranage and was achieved while other work on the brick structure continued below the chimneys.

Project Data

Project Name:
Battersea Redevelopment Project
London, England
Reconstruct Four (4) Historic Concrete Chimneys

proyecto detalle

proyecto detalle