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Digital Energy platform for Gonvarri Industries

Control and monitoring of energy consumption in 17 plants

Project Data

DOMINION has implemented an energy consumption control and monitoring solution for one of the main global manufacturers of automotive components, allowing them to maximize the energy efficiency of 17 of their plants distributed in 9 countries.
Gonvarri Industries
Since 2016

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Gonvarri Industries lacked a system that would allow them to know and control in detail the energy consumption of their production plants which could mean more than 60% of the production costs. It was a priority to find a solution that would allow them to take specific and well-founded measures on this matter.

DOMINION has developed its own solution for the control and monitoring of industrial energy consumption. The solution allows companies to control the energy consumption at the plant in real time, use the information to implement improvements and measure their effectiveness.

Our services include from the implementation to the subsequent operation and maintenance of the platform which allows us to be able to also take charge of the identification, application and monitoring of the improvements identified.

In the particular case of Gonvarri, the tasks that were carried out to implement this solution were the following:

Field engineering

- Analysis of the layout of the plant including all electrical elements, measurements and telecommunications systems

- Design and installation of physical applications that allow the capture of information

Virtual platform application

- Implementation of DOMINION's own software that allows the connection and reading of all the signals collected, turning them into interpretable data

- Integration of the solution with the client's management platforms (ERP, MES, etc.).

The success of the project has led the client to increase the initial scope, adding 6 new production plants to the 17 in which this solution has already been implemented.