Discover Dominion on LinkedIn

I think, therefore I exist. I´m on LinkedIn, therefore I exist. It could look as a presumptuous affirmation, but truth is that being on LinkedIn nowadays is essential for people, as well as companies.

Our profile is our showcase; that’s why taking care of it becomes so important in order to succeed. Thus, at Dominion we make a debut with our updated profile so we all can be part of the new activity.

If you want to have your profile ready, we help you with some easy tips. Connect, follow us and... See you on LinkedIn!

What is LinkedIn?

It´s the biggest professional Social Media in the world that has more than 150M users in more than 200 countries and territories. It’s focused on commercial and professional relationships, therefore on this Social Media you’ll find businesses and professionals looking to advertise themselves, being updated about sector’s trends, networking and create leads.

Personal profile

It’s your professional presentation and adding appropriate information is key, as well as taking care of photos and keywords.


And now you are ready to connect with other users, be part of groups and follow companies.

Company Profile

This is the profile where the company presents itself, spreads news and offers job opportunities.


And now you only need to participate on LinkedIn! If you’ve got any question, do not hesitate to send us an email to: