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Dominion integrates an innovative safety system in logistics vehicles to guarantee industrial safety


Dominion has reached a strategic collaboration agreement with Xesol Innovation that will allow the company to offer its industrial customers an innovative security system for their logistics vehicles within the facilities.



Dominion, thanks to its capabilities and experience in the industrial sector, has contributed to the development and implementation, by Xesol Innovation, of a solution that adapts the safety technologies for assisted driving systems in complex industrial environments. This solution, called Drivox Industrial, is a smart vision system capable of identifying people and recognizing all the objects that are part of the industrial environment. It sends notices to the operator of the vehicle avoiding any type of incident.



This strategic collaboration between both companies has enabled Xesol's technology in Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS) to be adapted to the demands of Dominion's customers in the field of industrial safety. The result is an innovative solution aimed at meeting the growing needs of industrial companies in terms of security, which completes Dominion's digital transformation capabilities in this area.



“As an integrating company, our job is to know what the client needs from a functional point of view and find the technology that can meet their needs. In this journey, we must understand how the system has to work to help the driver, develop the technology together with Xesol and finally, install it. They are turnkey projects in which our technological partner provides the kit of hardware and software elements, and Dominion integrates it into the logistics vehicles and returns it to the client ready for operation”, explains Víctor Estevez, from the Multitechnical Services division of Dominion.



This solution, whose technological germ is in the research on autonomous driving, is composed of cameras, an on-board computer and a system called Human Machine Interpreter. Thanks to it, the driver of the logistics vehicle receives information about the different obstacles found in the industrial plant so that he can make the most appropriate decisions. The system identifies the elements that are outside the panoramic view angle of the operator and is able to discriminate between the elements of a warehouse and other external objects and people with the aim of sending notices on the scenarios that are considered anomalous or strange.



"This technology is of generic application in any industrial sector. Although we have developed it for one of our customers, we have already received inputs and needs from sectors such as automotive, metallurgy, chemical... The strategic collaboration agreement with Xesol allows us to offer this solution to all our industrial customers", concludes Víctor Estévez.