Fluke wins Grainger's Supplier of The Year Award for 2018


Grainger, the largest industrial supply provider in North America, has awarded Dominion as Supplier of the Year 2018 in the category of 'Best field support'.

The award was presented at a gala that took place on February 21st in Mexico, in which personalities associated with the North American company such as Rudy Juarez (VP and GM Grainger LAAM & Global Export) and Matt Fortin (VP and President Merchandising & Supplier Management) participated among other directors.

"Dominion's role as a supplier includes providing Grainger Mexico mainly with Fluke brand products and supporting them in the field to increase sales, providing all after-sales support related to the products", explains Yehuda Meir Buzaglo, Industrial Line Director of Dominion's Multitechnical Services division.

Grainger celebrates this gala annually, where their most important suppliers in Mexico participate. They evaluate them considering elements such as the number of products supplied, after-sales support, quality of its products and logistics performance.

"Last year we helped Grainger increase their Fluke products sales by 20%. And we achieved this through the assignment a full-time Dominion manager to Grainger, to map key accounts, make field visits and train the Grainger sales force, "adds Yehuda Meir Buzaglo.