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The early warning system of tsunamis for the Government of Chile, an example of public-private collaboration


The Lehendakari (the president of the Basque Government), Iñigo Urkullu, has highlighted the Early Warning System (S.A.T.) of tsunamis developed by DOMINION for the Government of Chile as an example of the public-private collaboration that Basque companies must maintain in the South American country. Urkullu has mentioned DOMINION as an example of such collaboration during a meeting with Chilean business representatives in the framework of an official visit to the Andean country.



The E.W.S. of tsunamis, which has already been declared of public interest by the Chilean Ministry of Public Works, has the purpose of alerting effectively and quickly. A system of this nature is vital to get an immediate reaction from the population, since early warning is essential for the affected people to take the necessary measures to get to safety on time.



The infrastructure developed by DOMINION for the National Emergency Office of the Ministry of the Interior of Chile consists of a network of sirens and the necessary subsystems for their correct operation.



The most effective system


According to the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), one of the leading agencies in prevention and management of natural disasters, the siren-based systems are the main early warning channels, because they are dedicated exclusively to warn and address all the population in risk zone: it does not require to have access to instrumental devices such as mobile phones, radio, television or other devices. On the contrary, the use of conventional broadcasting systems such as mobile telephony networks, television, radio, social networks and other channels depend on third-party infrastructures in the area (which may be affected in a seismic event) and on the availability of these channels to disseminate the notices.



The Early Warning System of tsunami developed by DOMINION is an infrastructure of vital importance for Chile: the Andean country is located in the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire, one of the regions with the highest seismicity in the world, which forces it to adopt methods Safe and reliable early warning. Throughout its seismic history, Chile has suffered the action of about 35 tsunamis of different magnitude.



Applied technological innovation


DOMINION has already carried out the supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of warning systems in two regions of Chile (region of Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins and Arica Parinacota). In addition, the DOMINION team in Chile has carried out pre-feasibility and engineering studies for the design of the system in several regions.