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Dominion Dominion integrates the technology of the new Antofagasta hospital, the most modern in Chile


The company will also participate in the operation and maintenance of the 123,000 m2 hospital, which will benefit more than 900,000 people.

The launch of the Regional Hospital of Antofagasta marks a turning point in the history of healthcare in Chile, and Dominion has been part of this milestone. The company, together with Sacyr Concesiones, has faced the construction and equipment under concession regime of the new hospital in the Chilean city, the largest and most modern in the country.


Thanks to its extensive digital and technological expertise, since the adjudication of the project in 2013, Dominion has carried out the contracting, integration and roll-out of all medical equipment, clinical and non-clinical equipment and the center’s information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructures. It`s mainly this technological work that has led to the new hospital being considered "one of the most modern in the country", as stated by the Minister of Public Works of Chile, Alberto Undurraga.


But innovation has not only materialized in the technological integration of the center, but also in the management of the project. Co-ordination between Sacyr and Dominion was essential, while Sacyr was responsible for the construction of the hospital and Dominion, was responsible of equipping it and integrating the technology. A collaboration that "has been a success", according to Francisco Rionegro Managing Director of Dominion, and that has obtained a maximum excellence in the quality and efficiency of the project.


Over the next fifteen years, Dominion will also carry out the maintenance and replacement of medical equipment, clinical and non-clinical equipment and the technological infrastructures (systems, applications, and computer equipment) of the hospital. An infrastructure of 123,000 m2, which replaces the old 38,000 m2 hospital and which incorporates 671 beds, 45 consultation boxes, 24 emergency boxes, 16 dental boxes and 18 pavilions, to serve more than 900,000 people.


The Antofagasta Hospital consolidates as a project that demonstrates Dominion's high capacity to apply technology, knowledge, and innovation in large projects in the healthcare sector in an integral manner, managing the process of technological integration (solution) and adapting to customer needs to operate and maintain the infrastructure (services).


Antofagasta Hospital Images/CC: MOP.