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Dominion, pioneer in the application of Lean system to build a new hospital unit


The Hospital de Santa Caterina (Gerona) will have a semicritics unit (UCI) built under BIM, a digital environment.

In mid-2018 it is expected that the Hospital de Santa Caterina in Gerona will have a new unit of semicritics. A groundbreaking event not only because of the new utility of the center that will improve the care of critical patients in the Gerona Health Region, but as well due to the innovative Lean management system that Dominion is applying to the project execution, thus creating an optimal and efficient collaborative working environment.


Through this management and execution plan, which is "pioneer in the hospital sector" as the head of Facilities and Projects at Dominion Applied Engineering Xavier Ochoa says, we can maximize the value creation for the customer and optimize building costs. To do this, "we try to integrate four key aspects of a project throughout the entire project cycle: people, systems, business structures and work practices", explains Carlos Ardiaca, project engineer.


A system that materializes, even more, thanks to the use of the digital environment BIM (Building Information Modeling). This software allows simulating the work in 3D and seeing its behavior in a digital environment before its actual construction begins. But this software not only enables the visualization of the building, but also facilitates the management change, the simulation of the building´s operation and the management of data and project costs. This is how it adapts to all the setbacks and allows an effective collaboration between all the agents that work in the project; not only in its construction and design phase, but also during its life cycle.


This project joins the already completed constructions of the Hospital del Mar in Barcelona and the Antofagasta Hospital in Chile. Projects that prove Dominion's ability to plan, execute and maintain large projects in the health sector efficiently while being highly digital and innovative.


Dominion employee at the Santa Caterina Hospital