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The impact of the LEAN methodology on the execution of the Santa Caterina de Salt Hospital


ITeC from Barcelona hosted a talk where the importance of this method in the execution of the new Critics Unit of the Santa Caterina de Salt Hospital was discussed

On Thursday 18th January, the ITeC of Barcelona (Institute of Construction Technology) hosted the presentation of the LEAN methodology used in the implementation of the project of the new Critics Unit of the Hospital de Santa Caterina de Salt made in joint venture between Dominion and Serom.


The event, in which Carlos Ardiaca, Dominion's project manager, participated, was well attended and served as an open reflection in which the experiences were shared as a team. In addition, other issues were raised; such as project control through a management system and indicators coming from an alignment of values; the planning and production control of the entire project team from property to the industrial or the design at target cost of a project versus traditional contracting.


The speakers, who have also played an important role in the execution of the project, agreed that "we would re-apply this innovative working methodology that involves all parties that have to do with the execution of a project, from property to the industrial with the aim of improving quality and customer satisfaction while reducing costs.


In fact, Carlos Ardiaca highlighted that “the meticulous planning that has been carried out in the execution of this project has made it possible to shorten the deadlines and avoid work duplication to correct errors". In addition, he added that "it’s usual that when we are awarded a project, the customer wants to see us the next day at their facilities running it; this can reduce the time spent on planning and therefore have a negative impact on the timing and costs. We have to implicate the client to assume this idea: let him tell us the delivery date of the project and we will set the execution deadlines to meet that date”.


Among the attendees who attended the event were Eduard Estruch, technical architect and Head of Group in Serom; Joan Gutiérrez, Project Management Engineer in Proisotec; Laia Isern, architect of the Vitaller Arquitectura project management team; Joan Llorens, technical architect in building execution management; Oriol Marti, Civil Engineer in Calaf Cons's facultative management team.


With this management and execution LEAN model, "pioneer in Spain in the hospital sector", it’s possible to maximize the creation of value for the client and optimize the costs of the work. To this end, the aim is to integrate four key aspects of a project throughout the entire cycle: people, systems, business structures and work practices.