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Industry 4.0 identifying problems and finding solutions


Not long ago we were talking about IoT (Internet of Things) and its relevance and impact in our life, as well as the main role that this technology has in Dominion. Now it´s Industry 4.0´s turn and how the called ‘4th industrial revolution’ (KPMG's report, ‘Beyond the hype’) influences our day to day life. But let’s start by finding out the most important point… What do we mean by Industry 4.0?

What's Industry 4.0?

Mckinsey already talks about an official Industry 4.0 definition, but if we go back to the origins, the term was coined by a German organization called ‘acatech’ (German Academy of Science and Engineering), and it says that it´s about “providing intelligence to industrial processes”. If during these years we´ve talked about the impact of IoT (Internet of Things) in industries such as energy or infrastructures, under the concept of Smart Cities, now it´s time to talk about ‘Smart Industry’, ‘Smart Factory’ or ‘Industry 4.0’ (because as already points out Deloitte, there are multiple names to express the term).


Therefore, what’s Industry 4.0? Trying to provide an understandable definition: Industry 4.0 involves the digitalization of the production processes in factories by sensors and information systems in order to transform the production processes and make them more efficient. Or, as we understand it in Dominion: a new industrial organisation and business cycles value chain control model. “It´s the new Internet phase in Industry; the way in which we simplify processes, reduce costs or improve productivity”, sums up Eduardo Manzanos, Digital Solutions Manager in Dominion.


Key expertise in Dominion


It’s how we do it where we make the difference, “because in the digital transformation of industrial environment scenarios, it’s not possible to apply universal solutions. Each industry type, industrial organization, even each production line or machine has some peculiarities, problems and concrete time periods that demand specific technology and solutions. Because clearly a data gathering and exploitation problem in the petrochemical industry has nothing to do with other problems that happen in other environments, such as the metallurgical”, specifies Nacho Urigüen, Data Analytics Manager in Dominion. In this way we’re present in the whole value chain creating a one stop shop offer. In fact, as Iñaki Aizpurua (New Business development director in Applied Engineering) highlights, “Dominion is a global solutions and services supplier who can push the business into the Industry 4.0 revolution”.


“In Dominion we’re able to tackle technology and industrial challenges, due to the fact that this is one of our distinguishing value offers, we’ve got several capacities in the cycles and we’re not a consultancy firm who makes the process analysis only; we also execute, we provide services and multi-technological solutions. We identify your problems and then we fix them”, concludes Nacho Urigüen. We work from end to end, or as Víctor Estévez explains (Northeast Area Representative and in charge of Industry 4.0 in Applied Engineering, Dominion), “the digital characterization of the process from end to end, based in the plant information gathering adding the latest technologies and communication standards allows to develop advanced and flexible automation and control strategies, with a minimal impact in the plant activity. This digital characterization allows to drive the constant improvement of the management KPIs.”


The Industry 4.0 reveals a great amount of possibilities related to the digital transformation in the industry; it’s the present and the future, something also backed by the PWC report: “while nowadays only a fifth of the industrial companies has digitalized its key processes in the value chain, in five years the 85% of the companies will have implemented Industry 4.0 solutions in all the important divisions of the company”. This perspective offers huge opportunities to Dominion, who will walk with these companies through this path.