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The importance of the technological integrator in Hospital concessions


Cutting-edge technology, suited to customer’s needs and maximum quality; society usually demands them from any service provider, and when it comes to public administrations, it becomes even more relevant since they are responsible for providing essential services for the citizens, as well as carrying out large infrastructure projects.


And it is especially in hospital concessions where technology is vital, given the criticality of its availability and the rapid technological advances in this sector. Therefore, having a single technological integrator company from the early stages of the project is key. DOMINION has played this role in the implementation of several modern hospitals, the most recent example being the new Antofagasta Hospital concession in Chile.



Complete technological integration end-to-end


When it comes to performing the technological design for the medical services to be developed in a hospital, it is important that it is carried out from multiple perspectives simultaneously: from the needs of medical equipment, through the characteristics of the information systems and the characteristics that the hospital infrastructure must meet at any time; and this to be fit into of the investment and operation budgets, which is what makes the hospital concession viable.



Modern medical infrastructures require a high degree of coordination of multiple components, specialties and technologies, between themselves and also with the infrastructure and constructive elements, to avoid inefficiencies, delays, problems and the associated extra costs.



Therefore, during the design, construction and installation phases, it is essential to rely on the figure of the single technological integrator experienced company capable to perform these multiple concepts and details; what represents a specialized, detailed and precise activity, that could represent a risk for an implementation project if managed inefficiently.



This player is also key in the maintenance service of the set of equipment and systems once the hospital is in service;. The heterogeneous and deep specialization required to manage the different technologies involved requires a well-designed service concept with well-defined response processes.



In addition, technological innovation is especially active in the sector of health technologies and life sciences. We often hear about the continuous innovation in robotics for assisted surgery, or about the next future’s artificial intelligence systems to assist in the interpretation of radiological imaging, among other tech advances. An adequate and efficient management of technological updating, both in equipment and systems, and in continuous training for clinical staff, is key in the implementation of the benefits of innovation in a concessional hospital derived from the equipment and systems modernization and upgrade services.

Thus, the perspective of the Single Technological Integrator during the entire period of the concession leads to an unbeatable view of both the reality of the hospital and the clinical staff, as well as the commercial availability of cutting-edge technology.




Dominion 360°


From its 360° perspective starting with financial structuring , technical design and implementation, through maintenance services and even technology modernization and update, the contribution of DOMINION allows the concessionaire company to focus and optimize its constructive activities and general services’ provisioning, as well as lets the end customer to concentrate on its medical and clinical activities, with a single integrator company responsible for a complete turn-key back-to-back solution for the entire technological component of the hospital.



In addition to the integration capabilities of Dominion 360°, other DOMINION business units have specific expertise in digital platforms and data centres, hospital nutrition and pharmacy management systems and electromechanical applied engineering in hospital infrastructures (among others) that provide complementary knowledge and experience.



This way, customer has a single technological counterpart, with extensive experience in coordination, planning, implementation and modernization, as well as clinical training, covering the entire Hospital’s technology during the concession period.