The omnichannel strategy, key in the digital transformation process

12 September, 2018

At a time when digitization is practically a demand and transformation becomes a matter of survival, to speak of omnichannel is to talk about the present and a management strategy to contemplate if you want to achieve success.

To define it briefly, the omnichannel is based on a management strategy in which all the channels through which the company and its possible or current client interact are presented in a homogeneous manner, without difference of treatment or result between one or the other, and managed in a global and unified way, with a view far from the classic treatment of channels as independent silos.

What this means is that the client not only wants to be served by any channel, but also wants that this service is the same, regardless of the place that occurs. It also requires to be recognized in each of these channels and, therefore, doesn’t have to repeat data that has previously been provided. All this leads, among others, to a greater customer loyalty.

If it is contrasted with multichannel, which is what was familiar until recently, it consists of several channels that work in the interaction with the client, which does not speak of channel related strategy.


Omnichannel service, the key to success

One of the key advantages of offering an omnichannel service is the construction of communication bridges with the client, regardless of the channel through which the interaction takes place. In this way, the customer is the centre of all strategies.

“Part of the sales qulification in a call centre comes through the online campaigns, either by filling out a form or through clicking to call actions; all these actions can be parameterized to measure the behaviours. But in actions in which the user saves the phone number he sees in the online campaign to call later (offline), there are already tools to measure these calls and identify which campaign they come from, so a specialized call centre agent would be able to close a sale giving the user a good experience, and the user doesn’t need to give his personal information every time he wants to learn about a promotion or hire a product or a service”, explains Agustín Mora, Product Development Manager at Dominion Digital.

Many are the examples of the good functioning of this strategy, as has recently been demonstrated with Phone House, where an increase of 221% of the ROI (Return On Investment) was achieved thanks to this approach, but it has not been the only one to join this way of understanding the market.

And is that currently, the challenge of organizations is to automate processes, especially those that do not affect the core business. The data, logarithms and customer experience form a combo that guides professionals when approaching the market in a more efficient way, where digitalization and technology are completely attached to the business and the strategic centre of the company.

In addition, chatbots experiences are also gaining increasing importance, with bots powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Balance, an omnichannel solution from WiseConversion Tools

In DOMINION, WiseConversion Tools offers an omnichannel solution along with Balance. The automated marketing tool centralizes and controls all leads in a single platform, enabling dynamic and autonomous control of the distribution of incoming traffic. In addition, it enriches the information of each incoming contact by applying rules of scoring, duplication, etc., helping to significantly increase the conversion to sale.

It is also in charge of the complete measurement and end-to-end vision of the whole process, offering metrics to all the players involved. In this way it achieves a complete integration between the campaign adservers and the call center, including the incoming call and allowing the optimization of the campaigns.

Balance also creates, edits and publishes sets of custom commercial landings, improving the conversion to lead in the most incipient phase of the funnel.

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