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The MWC’s evolution: from devices to communication services


“Communications do not finish with devices. There is a whole universe to be explored. The most interesting thing about the Mobile World Congress is seeing how this kind of congress is changing, from being showcases in which manufacturers show their latest developments to focusing attention on market trends and technological revolutions such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0 or Artificial Intelligence”. This is how Sebastià Lorenzo, Digital Platform Manager of Dominion, explains the evolution of the most important mobile technology event in the world.



The Mobile World Congress (MWC), which will take place from 25 to 28 February in Barcelona, will be the platform for manufacturers of state-of-the-art mobile devices to present their latest models.



Telephones with folding screens, longer-life batteries, high-power processors or the latest developments in 5G connections - 100 times faster, allowing the connection of mobile devices, computers, cars, household appliances or wearables - are just some of the new features awaited in this year's edition. Beyond gadgets, however, the event is the ideal scenario for understanding how manufacturers are taking major steps forward towards the field of services.



“There is a very interesting move taking place for us, from the mere manufacture of devices towards how the producers of these devices understand and develop communications. The tools end up modifying the medium in which they are used, and end up bringing about a change of paradigm. For us, as service providers, this change on the part of product manufacturers towards communication services gives us clues on how to improve the solutions we offer to our clients”, Sebastià Lorenzo adds.



The MWC's program confirms this need to understand communications and technological development better in all their complexity, and also the effect that the digital revolution is having on societies. The key themes in this year's event will be connectivity, artificial intelligence, Industry 4.0 and immersive content based on augmented and virtual reality. Also present will be digital well-being, the risks of being permanently connected or cybersecurity for individuals, their data and private lives.



The binary code in Dominion


Some of the main themes covered this year in the MWC are of particular interest for Dominion's Digital Transformation Unit, as they are directly related to its activity.



The company is currently working on the application of augmented reality for asset management in its clients' facilities. In this context, learning about the processing capacity of devices, the increased transfer of data through 5G connectivity and the design of these devices will be useful when considering the user's experience in the field and the design of technology-based solutions.



Our Digital Transformation Unit works on connectivity from the perspective of the design and implementation of sensor applications, data acquisition architecture and platforms for the real-time monitoring of equipment and production facilities.



In the field of advanced analytics, big data infrastructures and intelligence are defined and designed to improve processes, while in the area of platforms work is done on the deployment of in-house solutions, the design of applications, the integration of IT systems and the implementation of production and business platforms.



“IoT technologies and the digitalization of manufacturing processes linked to Industry 4.0 are cross-cutting for the activity carried out in the three lines that make up our Digital Transformation Unit. For this reason, the MWC is an opportunity to get to know what devices and technologies are being created, and what possibilities these advances offer end-to-end technology service providers like us”, Mr Lorenzo concludes.