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Leadera Marketing Solutions, Precision Lead Management


Automated Marketing premieres image in Dominion, and it does so along with its new brand, Leadera Marketing Solutions. It is the first digital ecosystem of the company as part of the Digital Transformation of the Sales Process (TDPC) that is being developed in Dominion Digital.



“Selling to the street and looking for customers is much more inefficient than getting customers to find you and, through the right speech, they end up wanting to buy your product”, explains Diego San Román, Director of Business Solutions at Dominion Digital. “The digital transformation of the sales process includes as a key piece a good digital ecosystem that is the showcase of your value proposition permanently exposed globally and accessible on the Internet. Leadera Marketing Solutions already has half of the digital transformation process done. Now it is able to get customers to find it and end up wanting its solutions”, Diego adds.



But, what is this Dominion Digital solution? At Leadera Marketing Solutions, every contact point with potential clients is exploited and optimized, as well as they also help companies not to lose clients once they are achieved. In addition, there are four verticals where the solution stands out and becomes practically infallible: we talk about media agencies, banking, telcos and energy. Collaborating in the optimization of each of the phases of the sales funnel of the business, shortening the times and maximizing the number of users in each of them, Leadera helps in the definition of the campaign from scratch to generate the maximum audience and the greatest impact.



And for all this, Leadera Marketing Solutions has two tools depending on the customer's needs: Segment and Optimize.



Leadera Segment, key in the role of the landing pages


It is a tool that allows organizing, editing and publishing sets of commercial landing pages with a high degree of personalization, which makes it possible to accelerate and improve the conversion of those interested in the advertising campaign to commercial leads in the most incipient phase of the conversion funnel.




But the benefits of Leadera Segment  are multiple, as it also organizes all campaign landing pages into a single online digital tool. It also speeds up the review process, spending less time managing multiple tools, and allowing landing pages to be modified in minutes instead of days, enabling campaigns to be activated or deactivated in seconds instead of hours.



"There are many builders in the market, but none that gather qualities to manage all the campaigns of your clients, as if it were an operations centre. In addition, it has the particularity of being able to edit any type of landing page or microsite without having to do it in the builder or CMS (Content Management System) where it will be created, centralizing all the actions in this powerful tool ", explains Agustín Mora, Manager Product Development in Digital Dominion.



On the other hand, it configures the landing pages through a complete editor, without the need to open projects, reducing the creativity and production costs by more than 45% (in addition, the editor complies with all the official W3C standards); it also configures the domains on which the landings will be displayed, and activates/deactivates/clones the campaigns according to the needs that expose the campaign performance data in real time.



And to complete the services, Leadera Segment monitors everything that happens in the campaign to be able to optimize it in real time and learn to improve in subsequent campaigns (offering total traceability), becoming a guarantee of compatibility in all devices, operating systems and browsers without the risk of losing conversion due to incompatibility.



Leadera Optimize and business opportunities


In this case, the suite offers this tool for the intelligent distribution of sales opportunities designed to receive leads from an advertising campaign and its subsequent delivery to the different processors (telesales, e-commerce, sellers...).



In addition, it allows to see the closures of the managed leads in the different transformers to know who are the sellers that best transform (AMs, telesales, e-commerce... what is selected), with the possibility of registering and measuring the performance of all the process to have traceability at any time and optimize for better business results.



"It is the best solution to orchestrate the distribution of all your campaign leads to the best sales unit, which has been demonstrated in its two years of life. Clients such as Accenture use their engine and their high availability to centralize all of their clients' lead qualifications, consolidating this tool as the only delivery engine of VIVO Brasil and Movistar Chile campaigns. Recently, our client Movistar Mexico has trusted us for the implementation of Leadera Optimize, given the performance and the benefits it brings”, adds Agustín Mora.



It also reduces effective contacts by 46% to increase the conversion ratio, as well as defines multiple distribution decisions according to the campaign by applying a probabilistic scoring based on Artificial Intelligence. Leadera Optimize facilitates easy integration with other CRMs without the need for technical knowledge via API; aligns campaigns with Google Ads bids, distributing leads optimally to convert SEM conversions into sales, and unifies all generation and closing analytics reports in a single platform.



Leadera Marketing Solutions is the evolution of Dominion's Digital Marketing value proposal that combines the previously known brands Wise Conversion Tools and Ampliffica.



To see the complete model of the Digital Transformation of the Sales Process, consult the article published on LinkedIn by Diego San Román titled: "A Marketing Checklist".



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