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High value-added Maintenance and Industrial Cleanings for an 360º service offering


Industrial maintenance processes and cleaning services are essential for highly specialised facilities of critical sectors such as the chemical or the refinery sector as they contribute to preserve the efficiency level of the production processes. They ensure that the equipment is kept in good condition of use, increases its useful life, minimize the need for repairs and play a critical role in the management of industrial waste to improve environmental sustainability.



"Frequently we tend to give more importance to R&D and capex activities than to other productive processes such as maintenance or industrial conditioning, however, by paying attention and improving these fields not only we will reduce costs but also we will be able to reduce our environmental impact ", says the director of Environmental Services area at Dominion, Begoña Maestro.



Under this scenario, it is important for industrial companies to search for formulas that optimize the maintenance and cleaning processes. These formulas could be for example the introduction of technology, the digitization of management, the outsourcing of the service through the centralization of this type of work in a single provider - so that economies of scale are achieved - and the new design of contracts by linking them to performance to obtain higher returns.



All these formulas are included in the value proposal of Dominion’s Multitechnical Services area. Its industrial services offer comprehensively covers all the maintenance needs of the client, includes industrial cleaning capabilities, and is supported by the incorporation of technology to achieve efficiencies that benefit both parts the provider and the client.



Dominion’s end-to-end industrial services provision is based on the One Stop Shop concept or one-stop shop, a disruptive model in the sector. It consists of a platform that centralizes all industrial services, from the different types of maintenance and operation outsourcing to industrial cleaning services, in such a way that synergies are captured and are turned into benefits in terms of efficiency and cost saving for customers.



"The One Stop Shop model makes much easier the management of services for the clients as there is a single interlocutor and responsible for all the provision. It also allows to achieve greater economic profitability thanks to the synergies and flexibility gains that are going to be able to capture", concludes Maestro.



Environment services to complete a 360ª service offer


Environment services and industrial cleaning capabilities are an essential area of activity within the Dominion’s industrial services offer.



"In addition to carrying out maintenance and installation tasks at industrial facilities, we provide cleaning services, which allow us to offer a comprehensive service under a One Stop Shop model.

“At Dominion we have gathered the technology and equipment that is required to carry out these technically complex and highly environmentally sensitive services, and to do it efficiently and safely “adds Maestro.



Although Dominion’s environmental cleaning services are applicable to a large part of the industrial sector, the company has extensive experience in the chemical and petrochemical industry, two areas in which this type of service is of vital importance.



The services oriented to Dominion's petrochemical sector include different activities such as the automatic cleaning of refinery tanks, the extraction and handling of catalysts, the cleaning of exchangers with special descaling equipment and the treatment of oil pipes by centrifugation, to separate the hydrocarbons from the rest of components.



"All our cleaning programs have the most advanced technologies that minimize the generation of waste and improve the process, making it safer and more efficient. The process concludes with the waste transferred to treatment and management specialized companies with which Dominion has preferential agreements, so it is a comprehensive service, with a high technological implications and high value ", concludes the expert.