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Technology-based One Stop Shop services to increase the efficiency of the Michelin plant in Vitoria-Gasteiz

27 January, 2020

Offering maximum efficiency to clients through the end-to-end provision of industrial services and the implementation of technology. That is Dominion’s “One Stop Shop” formula, which sets out to be the service platform for industrial companies that wish to improve their operation and maintenance processes. This is the approach followed in the Michelin plant in Vitoria-Gasteiz, where Dominion provides end-to-end services covering mechanical and electrical maintenance, metalworking and boilermaking, logistics and industrial cleaning thanks to this innovation-based solution.

Dominion is sure that the disruption brought about by “servitization” and digitisation will end up affecting traditional industries too. Therefore, the main value proposition of the company in the industrial sector is the so-called “One Stop Shop”, or end-to-end provision of services.  It is about being a partner of your industrial client who wishes to maximize the efficiency of its O&M processes and being the platform that gives access to all these services. Available platforms and technologies finally applied to industry.

“Our aim is to provide an innovative service that offers maximum efficiency from the point of view of competitiveness and quality, and the only way to do this is through technology”, says Orlando Solares, Head of Business Development in Dominion for Michelin.

To achieve this, Dominion has deployed a range of technological solutions in the Logistics and Cleaning areas that have led to a competitive advantage and place the company at the forefront in the provision of maintenance services.

Thanks to one of these solutions, Dominion will compete for the Technology Idea of the Year award that the tyre manufacturer Michelin is organizing throughout Spain. It is a system designed to control the loading and unloading flow of transport vehicles in the factory and to organize the intense levels of traffic that occur there.

“We have come up with a solution that consists of tracking vehicles. Thanks to these devices, Michelin’s operational personnel can know where a truck is at any given time, direct it to a loading bay, alert operators so that they can go and unload it, avoid waiting times, and generally organize all traffic movements in the facility, including internal transfers of components”, Orlando explains. Using this technological solution, which can be deployed in other industrial contexts and even in port zones, the factory will optimize its transport movements, increase the efficiency of the operation and speed up production by avoiding interruptions.

However, this is not the only innovative solution applied in Michelin by Dominion. The search for efficiency through technology has led to the use of the driverless AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) for logistic and cleaning tasks, as a preliminary step before its possible implementation in other maintenance operations

The use of the AGV for carrying out maintenance tasks is one of the automation elements specific to Industry 4.0 that requires the application of Smart Data tools, the deployment of connectivity networks and the development of cybersecurity solutions that can guarantee safety and security in industrial facilities.

The deployment of these technologies is the result of knowledge of the needs of the Michelin plant, where Dominion provides mechanical and electrical maintenance, metalworking and boilermaking, logistics and industrial cleaning services under the One Stop Shop modality. A clear example of the benefits of this service modality, and that improving operational efficiency through technology is possible.

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