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KAIXO, Mexico’s biggest solar park built by Dominion


The park, that has installed a 65.000Kw power thanks to 204.060 panels, is the first finished project of the Energy Projects line, one of Dominion’s youngest ones.

One of Dominion’s 2017 biggest milestones has been the finalization of KAIXO’s construction, Mexico’s most important solar park on a self-supply basis. This park, that owns an extension similar to 200 football fields, is made up from 204.060 photovoltaic panels and has a 65.000Kw power installed; a big project whose engineering, purchase and turnkey construction has been handled by Dominion.


KAIXO represents the first finalized project of the Energy Projects line, one of the company’s youngest ones that strengthens the business’ diversified profile, as Roberto Tobillas, Dominion’s Planning and Strategy director explains. With this line the company transfers its technological expertise to an energetic sector “that is growing and generates demand, and in which we bet”, states Roberto. This task doesn’t only consolidate Dominion as a competitive player, but also “closes the circle”, as it generates “synergies and cross-selling” between the company’s different divisions when integrating all its capacities in projects that even get to be entirely managed, as it happens in KAIXO.


Efficiency and sustainability


Dominion's 360º profile and its determined objective of making processes more efficient have been essential to build in six months this 200-hectare park that has employed up to 800 people; a process where the efficiency, the good planning and the use of control digital tools have been fundamental as both Patxi Hernando, manager of Energy Projects and Manuel Barandiaran, operations manager explain.


The electric photovoltaic power that the park generates is a truly differentiating element. The fact that KAIXO uses the huge solar resource that Mexico owns, implies a long-term effective and sustainable solution to the lack of power that this country in constant growth is suffering. The photovoltaic energy is a great ingredient in the power generation mix as it naturally adapts to the energy demand curve (higher during daytime and lower during nighttime), it’s foreseeable and, besides, it’s profitable as Patxi and Manuel explain.


What is more, Patxi affirms that solar energy is “the future”, as he estimates that while nowadays it represents the 1,5% of the consumption, in 40 years it will represent an 80%. The fact that KAIXO generates 165.000.000 KWxh per year that supply with clean energy to more than 120.000 people and prevent the yearly emission to the atmosphere of 60.000 tons of CO2, guarantees the wide reach of this energy and project, as well as its low impact in the environment. In conclusion, KAIXO demonstrates the capacity that Dominion has to execute big turnkey projects by contributing its diversity of knowledge and digital expertise in an efficient way as much in cost as in time; all of that without stop fulfilling their compromise with the environment.