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360° Projects: Financing + Technology + Services


The commitment to R&D and the changes in modern society require more and more the implementation of large-scale projects for the development of new infrastructures that incorporate innovative technological solutions. Likewise, the focus of an investment project of these characteristics provides an important added value to customers, both public and private, by developing and implementing itself under a single technical, economic and financial thread.



In this way, the company in charge of the development of the project is the only centre of responsibility towards the client. And if, in addition, the project is configured under the "turnkey" modality, the added value is even greater, since the objective of the contract is the delivery to the client of the project in operation.



The developer company must also implement and take responsibility in a coordinated manner for all the components of the scope of the contract and manage the interactions with third parties involved in the project, as well as with the end user.



In this type of projects, building and civil construction infrastructures usually have a great weight, complemented by a technological component of production, management and operation. This is the case, for example, of the construction of projects in the sectors of transport (roads or rail), generation of energy or manufacturing, among others.



However, the technological development, the digitalization of the processes and their relevance in the different sectors of activity require the implementation of projects in which the technological component supports the main objective of the said projects.



Technological projects aligned with the client's needs

The creation of new infrastructures based on large single contracts responds to the need of technological implementation or modernization applied to sectors such as education, public safety, emergency management or health.



These projects can be based on the implementation or renewal of technological equipment and management in the modernization of a hospital; the implementation of new technologies in communications and management for state security bodies; the technological endowment of management and operation for bodies in charge of emergencies and natural disasters, or the incorporation of technological resources in schools and colleges.



In all of them, the integration of the involved technologies will be aligned with the current and future needs of the client. In this context, the contribution of value to the client through the digitalization of its operating processes becomes especially relevant, since the so-called 360° Project encompasses all its components, digitization acting as the true thread of the same.



However, in these projects the technology should probably be complemented by the corresponding civil works and construction, either the architectural remodelling of an existing hospital or an emergency command and control centre, or the civil works associated with a transportation project of energy or telecommunications.



In all these cases, the component of the civil works is really an "accessory" element, which allows the technology company to be constituted as the true leader and main contractor of the project.



It is here where DOMINION, with a multidisciplinary, digital and integrating vision of internal and external technologies, plays an essential role.



Financial structuring as the key to success

Financial structuring is especially key in the success of these projects, so the consumption of treasury resources or access to financial funds by their own means can be an insurmountable obstacle for public or private clients in their goal of developing a 360° Project.



This problem is especially relevant in emerging and developing countries, where the need to develop projects under the focus of comprehensive turnkey technological projects for public sector investments is growing.



The advantages that the 360° Projects provide to the public administrations of these countries are clear for their development. However, budget availability of own resources frequently does not exist or has a lower priority than other public investments.



In these circumstances, the need to identify and successfully manage adequate financial solutions that make viable a public investment project for the implementation of a 360° Project can become an essential requirement for the initiative to be viable. Therefore, those companies that have the capacity and experience to provide clients, especially in the public sector, with these financing solutions, undoubtedly have a differentiating element from their competitors, which can become a more important factor than the technical capacity or price competitiveness taken to the extreme.



About Dominion 360°

The objective of the Dominion 360° division is to enhance the knowledge and management of international funding sources, especially for public investment projects in emerging and developing countries.



Thus, it’s been possible to develop multiple projects with public administrations whose purpose is a 360° Project, but additionally they have identified and successfully managed financial solutions involving several "players" in two different fields:


• On the one hand, DOMINION as contractor, and the public beneficiary entity as contracting party.

• On the other hand, the financial entity that grants the loan as lender and the public financial entity of the beneficiary country as borrower.



The application of this financing + technology + services system supposes a clear "win-win" model, insofar as the beneficiary manages to make feasible investment projects that otherwise would be impossible due to the insufficiency of own resources. But, in addition, this system develops such projects in a framework in which a technology company can help cover the possible weaknesses of their internal technical teams when designing, integrating and executing projects.



In the same way, the borrower obtains access to international sources of financing under very competitive conditions and faster and more autonomous than the traditional loans granted by multilateral organizations.



Dominion 360° develops these 360° Projects in conditions of simplicity in the legal and contractual aspects, high technical autonomy and total security of collection.