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DOMINION grows and earns 26% more in the first half of the year


DOMINION presents a semester with high sustained growth of sales and an improvement of margins, confirming the positive trend that the company had already announced for this year.


The results presented by DOMINION for this first half of the year do confirm the good performance of the business in the different levels of results. Turnover grow organically at a rate of 9% over the same period last year. Additional growth is coming from the integration of Phone House last year and a negative effect is added by the exchange rate effect, reaching an adjusted turnover growth of 17%, amounting to 378 million euros.



In a semester defined by the strong activity of the Solutions segment in the first quarter and the good performance of the Services in the second, DOMINION has improved its margins at all levels. The contribution margin of Services already exceeds 9%, compared to the previous 8-8.5%, and the EBITDA on sales has improved from 7.3% to 7.8%. Overall, the company has earned almost 13 million euros this semester, which represents a growth of 26% over the same period of the previous year.



In the M & A chapter, the company is still active in the analysis of opportunities. Proof of this are several operations carried out during this last quarter. They are bolt-on acquisitions which complement different areas of DOMINION’s activity, such as increasing its processes knowledge in the electricity sector in the case of Scorpio; or which gives entry to new countries and activities, as it is the case of the purchase of the Colombian subsidiary of Ditecsa, dedicated to environmental services in the industrial activity field.



The company has also presented a strong balance sheet, which demonstrates its high capacity to generate cash flow; and has highlighted that it has a backlog of Solutions projects exceeding 600 million euros.



DOMINION reaffirms with each results presentation that the commitment to its distinctive management model leads to a solid and diversified growth adapted to market changes..