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SmartHouse, comfort in the management of services


Who would not want to have all the services that we usually use centralized in a single platform? From mobile, electricity or ADSL, to car insurance, health insurance or housekeeping. SmartHouse, the DOMINION platform developed by Phone House, is already here, and it has come precisely to make our life easier in personal and home services.



Thanks to this new platform, the user is able to easily manage and control all services improving the experience, both digital and offline. "Our purpose is to transfer to the clients the advantages that the digital revolution is offering and that they perceive it in their day to day, in all those small things that make our lives easier", explains Luis Molano, responsible for SmartHouse.



SmartHouse, the answer to our needs


SmartHouse had its origin when a situation in which there are numerous service providers (TelCo, energy, insurance ...) that cause confusion between the needs and the real use that the user makes of them was identified. In addition, the rates for these services are usually unclear, very dense and confusing in most cases, so technology is seen as an opportunity, but also as a very complex and not very accessible concept, adding to all this the difficulty in management with operators.



So, to begin to address the issue, it is necessary to list the different areas where the client needs support, being present and being relevant in each one of them.



That's why SmartHouse was born with the idea of being a single interlocutor, compared to the many that exist; because a 'Smart Partner' can not only manage gas, electricity or telecommunications. This project adds insurance (life, car, health ...), online purchases and the cashback concept under a single platform; home automation and the Internet of things, security and home alarms... And in the near future, domestic services and household maintenance will also be managed, as well as domestic finances, credit and consumption.



How SmartHouse works


Smart House works on three pillars. In the first place, with the aggregation of all the customer's services (ADSL, telephone, electricity, water, car insurance, life insurance, etc.) in a single platform where all the invoices can be consulted under the same tool. Secondly, with the management; monitoring the customer's experience, offering advice and notifying him when, for example, his car insurance is due, as well as recommending the electricity rate or the insurance that best fits with the expenses he produces. Finally, with the sale and contracting of new services, such as energy (gas and electricity), telecommunications, connected devices or content, among others.



These three areas are based on different channels for the client. First, in a powerful technological platform where the aggregation of all customer journeys is combined to have a unified control of domestic spending, with the possibility to automatically download all invoices. And on the offline side, you can benefit from, on the one hand, the integration of SmartHouse spaces within the Phone House stores and, on the other hand, a new store model in development, for the commercialization of own and third party products. Finally, and still in development, there is a mobile app, as an integrating element on / off, where management, direct communication with the customer and recurrence in purchases will have a place.



"Ultimately, at SmartHouse we take care of everything necessary so that the clients can enjoy their home, their time and money to the fullest, giving them control over their expenses, the freedom to consult their invoices wherever and whenever they want and always with the comfort and exclusivity that our platform provides ", concludes Luis Molano.