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Smart EAM, the solution that optimizes investment in renewable energy projects


Smart EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) is DOMINION’s solution for asset management and exploitation companies specializing in the renewable energy sector that helps optimize investments.



It is a multi-company and multi-licensing system that automates the operation and comprehensive management of the complete life cycle of the assets, allowing to centralize and automate the financial and administrative management of green energy projects. In addition, it offers financial instruments and services for risk management with an exhaustive control of fixed assets, operation and maintenance (O&M) services and periodic balances reporting.



"The success of Smart EAM lies in its broad coverage. Its possibilities allow us to respond to all the needs that a company of management and exploitation of assets in the renewable energy sector may require, from the most general needs, such as financial and accounting control, to the most specific ones, such as the exhaustive control of the assets it manages. "- explains Alejandro Augusto, Smart EAM Solution Manager.



A solution designed for the business


Smart EAM is more than a simple ERP because it is designed to meet the investor's expectations, that is, to guarantee the economic profitability of the energy parks.



In addition, it is a solution backed by the Microsoft Dynamics NAV technology, which is integrated with the various functional areas of finance, accounting, taxation and commercial circuits, among others, so it perfectly fits to the business needs of each client.



"As a provider of certified solutions, Microsoft offers us trusted technology to provide asset management companies with secure business software prepared to reduce the potential risk of investment, which is coupled with our commitment to optimize the business processes of the clients " – says Sonia Rodríguez Vela, head of the Ms Dynamics NAV Department.



On the other hand, it is a tool designed for the user, as it is an application with an optimal and intuitive interface, which facilitates the management and learning of it, improving the efficiency and performance of the worker.



Among other benefits, we can also find the improvement of the decision making and performance of the facilities, the optimization of financial and costs, greater financial and liquidity control and a more efficient administration.



Among the success stories, we can highlight an independent investment management company specialized in wind, photovoltaic and mini-hydraulic energy. After implementing the Smart EAM solution, the company has mechanisms that allow to combine financial, technical and operational knowledge to provide its clients with turnkey investment solutions.



DOMINION, boosting business growth


Digitization is key to the energy transition to renewable energy. With Smart EAM, Dominion offers a powerful technological tool capable of automating and modernizing the financial, commercial, administrative and production processes necessary to guarantee optimal plant performance. Furthermore, it boosts business growth by adapting to the constant regulatory changes that the energy sector suffers and to new trends in the management and exploitation of assets.



EAM joins the Dominion Digital Management Solutions suite, aimed at detecting the needs of companies and satisfying them through Microsoft technologies updated throughout the world.