Safety and respect for the environment in the transport of natural gas in Mexico

The city of Reynosa, Tamaulipas, located in northern Mexico bordering the United States, has been the scene of one of the most important energy projects in the country in recent years: the construction of a natural gas transportation infrastructure where DOMINION has had a prominent role.

As part of the Mexican government's national infrastructure program, the project has required the construction of a 2,100 cubic foot natural gas transportation infrastructure from Reynosa to Apaseo el Alto (in the state of Guanajuato, central Mexico), crossing the states of Nuevo León, San Luis Potosí and Querétaro. And all this with the aim of satisfying the demand for natural gas from different industrial users, at competitive prices, supplying the gas from the city of Agua Dulce, Texas, USA.



Given the nature of the work, one of the key points has been to ensure the correct transfer of fuel safely for both people and the environment. And the reason for this is that during gas transfer there may be a risk of leakage, which is avoided by measuring the pressure at which it travels in each section; the measured value must be the same at the point of departure and at the point of arrival, any difference being indicative of the existence of a problem. In particular, the installed measuring system is capable of warning by means of an alarm in the event of a pressure difference in the measuring sections, so that the teams can act immediately.

In this case, after evaluating all the points of the project, it was decided to implement different solutions in stages. On the one hand, work was done on the calibration of temperature and pressure processes with Fluke-754 calibrators to ensure that the meters worked within the customer's quality standards.

Mechanical vibration measurements on electric motors were also implemented with Fluke-810 vibration meters. Mechanical measurements applied to engines allow predicting when an engine will fail and what could be its possible cause, avoiding unexpected shutdowns that affect the quality of the gas supply.

And finally, solutions for failure detection and energy wastage through thermal spectrum analysis were also transferred with Fluke Ti450 Thermal Imaging Cameras. Fault detection measurement allows maintenance engineers to specifically service equipment with the potential problem, thus avoiding an unexpected shutdown (this practice is called "predictive maintenance"). On the other hand, energy waste detection

metering allows plant engineers to improve the energy consumption of their equipment, thus achieving considerable savings on the monthly electricity supplier bill.


For DOMINION, safety and care for the environment are of the utmost importance; this is why we work with customers in the energy sector to increase the efficiency and profitability of their projects. In this case, for example, it means that the electric motors used in the gas transfer process receive electrical energy to operate, and these in turn convert it into mechanical energy (movement). In the best scenario, 100% of the electrical energy received by the motors at the input would be 100% mechanical energy at the output. However, this is not the case, as the heating of the motors causes the mechanical energy to be only 85% on average, which is the efficiency of the motors.

The thermographic equipment distributed by DOMINION makes it possible to detect which motors are gaining more temperature than normal, so that the maintenance engineers detect the anomalies before the motor starts to fail due to overheating.

This market is one of the fastest growing in Mexico, where DOMINION has differentiated itself by its high level of service, knowledge and availability. The solutions also help to increase user security by identifying operational failures before they occur in advance. These can be predicted by making continuous measurements during maintenance engineers' trips, so that any difference in the measurements taken is a sign of possible failure.


Fluke is a world leader in instrumentation and testing for industrial applications. Over time, it has been able to help companies in the power generation segment reduce their maintenance and operating costs. It has also improved security through robust, accurate, highly connected and reliable tools.

DOMINION, Fluke's exclusive Master Distributor in Mexico for 35 years, gives its customers all the support they need to find the solutions their company needs, looking for the maximum benefit and profitability.