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Phone House University, dare to know


The Phone House University, which is part of the Dominion Commercial division, is an initiative that was born three years ago with the aim of facilitating the workers learning through technology, thus favouring flexibility and enabling students to learn where and when they want.



Under the slogan of 'Dare to know', the university empowers the employees so it’s themselves   who choose what they want to learn from the different options offered, which are not few.



“Phone House University is segmented into schools, such as the School of Clients & Sales, the Leadership Club, School of Welfare, School of Languages, School of Development... All the schools have their objectives and seek to provide solutions in each area to employees, uniting what the students need with what we think they need”, explains Carlos Rubio, Head of The Phone House University.



These schools, on the other hand, have training programs that are composed of different courses, such as, for example, the Skills Development Program, which usually lasts between two and three months and where there are more than 600 students enrolled, having already completed it about 120 people. “We also have a Nutrition and Healthy Eating program at the School of Welfare with more than 4 000 visualizations; or product courses of all the brands we sell”, adds Carlos.



Last year, the figures of the university spoke for themselves of the success of the short journey of the centre; not in vain, 10 315 courses were completed, giving an average of 3.85 courses per student. “We are a very talented company, which wants to maintain and increase it. With an average of fifteen new employees per month, we must always be up to date, and for this to be achievable, you need technology, a platform to which any employee can connect from any of their devices at any time”, says Carlos.



A tool to empower the worker


The main objective of The Phone House University is to empower the worker in a global way, so that he finds knowledge and tools to be able to better develop his performance (something especially relevant, for example, when making a demonstration to a client in a store in Madrid or while attending a Russian customer in Malaga).



"Where we focus more is in the School of Sales & Clients; We always allocate a large percentage of the resources here. We work a lot on the 'Sales Style', which is our internal process of selling and serving our customers, a lot of product training, process training...”, comments Carlos.



And the students’ response to this offer is very positive, since year after year the platform is hosting more users and activity. “It is true that we have courses that are mandatory by regulation, such as internal Code of Ethics, or Compliance courses (Regulations) that all employees complete, but most are not mandatory. We do not like to order that you have to learn. You learn if you decide, if it's the time or if you want”, explains Carlos.



And among the courses that have more acceptance are, for example, financing or mobile insurance courses, made by about 1 500 employees at the point of sale.



Awards and future goals


The Phone House University is formed by schools, which house most of the content in the online platform But the possibilities are not only referred to the web environment, since there are also face-to-face training actions, with courses that are taught throughout Spain, or other resources, such as mobile training (mobile learning) thanks to technology partners such as Snackson, or video games. In Phone House innovation has always been sought, in order to reach efficiency, and since 2011 they’ve been working with the Gamelearn company. “When nobody did it, we were already training with video games; We worked on time management, conflict management or negotiations”, says the head of Phone House University. “In 2017 we worked in a video-game course called '2100'; it is a simulation course for sales and customer service, and for this course we have been nominated for five national and international awards”, Carlos points out.



In fact, thanks to the videogame, Dominion Commercial has won in Spain the prize for the best innovative solution given by the Association of E-learning Providers, as well as the Brandon Hall in Miami, where the Silver category has been received as ‘Best Advance in games or Simulation Technology’, being this recognition the most important of the world in the sector. In addition, they have recently been named finalist in the International Customer Experience Awards in the category of 'Best Digital Strategy', an appointment that takes place on November 20 in Amsterdam in which Dominion Commercial will face Saudi Arabia, Austria, South Africa, England, Finland or Singapore, to name a few.



“The year always stars with many challenges, because we always want to do our best. We want to have quality content that contributes to the business on the one hand, and the development of the students on the other. It does not matter how we get to these, whether it's by mobile, computer, face to face in a store, on video, playing or with post-its; we will continue looking for continuous improvement”, concludes Carlos Rubio.



The Phone House University is a good example of how the companies’ acquisition has given Dominion knowledge and best practices in the field of education; In fact, the platform is expected to be available to the entire company in a short period of time.