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Waste to Energy Market

16 October, 2020

In recent years, Waste to Energy (WTE) has become an alternative that contributes to the sustainable model of the circle economy. It is about managing waste (agricultural, urban or industrial) that cannot be recycled, turning it into useful energy for communities.

The waste to energy market across the globe is predicted to grow during the forecast period 2020-2025. Several major factors contribute to this trend:

  • Need for lowering the volume of waste, especially in the vicinity of major cities
  • Increase of the energy demand as a consequence of a growing urbanization, rapid industrialization and surging population
  • Governments across the globe redirect their energy strategies towards the use of non-fossil fuel sources

Whereas Europe is a mature market for waste to energy solutions with almost 500 WTE plants in operation, other countries are discovering the benefits of this technology. The very first utility-scale WTE plants are being built in Turkey and Australia. Russia is expected to invest significantly into this technology in the future, where the first WTE plants are going to be built in the Moscow region.

End-to-end projects

For decades, DOMINION has been a trusted partner regarding the supply and regular maintenance of refractory linings in many municipal WTE plants throughout Europe. Furthermore, DOMINION is able to create its own end-to-end projects or to cooperate with international EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contractors and global leaders in sustainable solutions for infrastructure and renewable energy projects.

DOMINION is already cooperating with some of these partners in the supply and installation of refractory linings in the new plants located in Istanbul (3 incineration lines) and Kwinana (2 incineration lines) in West Australia. The Kwinana plant, for example, will significantly reduce the volume of waste previously going out to the Western Australian landfills. It will utilize 400.000 tonnes (t) a year of household and industrial waste to produce approx. 36 MW and power roughly 50.000 households in Perth, while offsetting up to 400.000 t of CO2 emissions a year (1.000.000 t per year in Istanbul).

Refractory linings are a crucial element of a WTE boiler and essential to a safe, highly efficient and continuous plant operation. One of our products, the innovative DOMINION BMM Tile System, is a key factor in many WTE plants for its long duration, speed and safety in the installation and for providing a technical and performance improvement in the plants

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