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Dominion Digital and Red Hat provide the keys in order to succeed in an increasingly competitive and demanding digital marketplace


At the event, the advantages of opting for a business mobility strategy were discussed in an innovative and original way.

Follow the rules to survive a zombie apocalypse or die. In this original and entertaining way, Red Hat and Dominion Digital approached the keys that organizations must follow in order to survive a relentless competition in a market of constant changes and new demands. Basic guidelines based on a commitment to the use of mobile applications that cover real needs and provide added value to all areas of the organization.


Red Hat's offices in Madrid hosted an intimate and dynamic event, offering entertaining talks to convey the need and benefits of opting for micro-service architectures and mobile-first development strategies. The result: an essential agile, flexible and effective response.


It was the agility and its advantages precisely the ones that were demonstrated in a cooking show in which a chef made several appetizers with the help of an App that adapts to the new needs and requirements of the business, both for its supply, for its demand or to address legal changes to which to adapt.


In short, a disruptive, unique and dynamic event that endorses Dominion's ability to not only offer solutions and services, but also help its customers to identify current and future challenges in various sectors, to face them together.