It's not what we do,
but how we do it

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1. Letter from the chairman and CEO


Dominion, a project that is consistently demonstrating that it is prepared to work in a disruptive environment, in which digitization is leading to profound, vertiginous and irreversible changes in all sectors.

In 2018, a year of growth, but also of geopolitical uncertainty and global economic slowdown, our Annual Accounts reflect for the first time revenues of more than 1,000 million euros, which means double sales in just three years, and the anticipated fulfillment of our Strategic Plan 2020.


Throughout 2018 Dominion has completed a cycle that began with the IPO in 2016.

In this financial year we have exceeded the financial objectives that we had set for ourselves in the 2016-2020 Strategic Plan, two years ahead of schedule, obtaining historical results that place us in an unbeatable position to pose even more ambitious challenges.

Milestones in 2018

2018 was a year of intense growth for Dominion in which we extended our capacity to create an authentic ‘one stop shop’, that of the completion of large-scale energy products and the consolidation of the Smart House business.

It was also a year of change within the company, with the main shareholders of CIE Automotive becoming the reference shareholders of Dominion.

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Smart house energy

The launch of energy services within the Smart House project, with 70,000 new customers.

Abside: alianza with RSI

A strategic agreement with Rural Servicios Informáticos (RSI) to jointly develop Fintech solutions and services at international level through Abside Smart Financial Technologies.

Changes in the shareholding

The shareholders of CIE Automotive became direct shareholders of Dominion following a distribution of shares held by the parent company, thus completing the process of separation of both companies.

High-voltage line in Angola

The start of a project to design, build and start up a 200-kilometre-long 400 KV electric power transmission line in Angola.

Biomass in Argentina

The start of a project to build an 18.5-MW biomass plant in Argentina.

Development of the Kaixo project

Following the definitive handover of the Kaixo solar farm, the biggest in Mexico, the operation and maintenance service of the infrastructure began.

Environmental services

Extension of the one stop shop concept with the inclusion of the environmental services subsidiary of Ditecsa..

3. Our business model

It's not what we do,
but how we do it.


We combine knowledge, technology and innovation to offer our customers disruptive services and solutions in any sector and anywhere in the world. To achieve growth and profitability we rely on our 4D's: digitization, diversification, decentralization and financial discipline.


"... as a basis for efficiency"


"... as a value proposition to be the global partner of the client"


"... as a key to close management to the client"


"... as a guarantee of strength and solvency


In 2018, Dominion made tangible the commitments acquired in its Strategic Plan 2016-2020. The company reached billions of billing two years before the forecast and its ratios follow the route set. Faced with this situation, the company presented a new Strategic Plan in 2019.

The company's challenge for the next four years is to take advantage of the disruptive environment that affects all sectors, developing the company's potential.

5. Corporate governance

We have transparent and effective bodies and we articulate internal rules that protect us against risks and guarantee ethical behavior. We are scrupulous in complying with the law and following our internal regulations. We know that our present and future reputation depends on it.

Dominion formally adhered to the United Nations Global Compact in December 2018, although it was part of this alternative previously through its former parent company, CIE Automotive.

Committed to the 2030 Agenda

This firm commits Dominion to defend its 10 universally recognized Principles and to act as an agent of change to contribute to the fulfillment of the 2030 Agenda of Nations.

UN Global Compact

6. Financial year

Business performance

In 2018 Dominion surpassed accounting income of 1,000 million euros (1,084.1 euros), double the figure for 2017 (525 million). This allowed the company to earn a net profit of 27.2 million euros (+6%), which would be 32.6 million euros (+26%) if we subtract the interruption of business in Brazil.

Business contribution

Business performance graphic

Financial data

Business performance table

In a year of great expansion, marked by the incorporation of new capabilities and the consolidation of strategic activities, the company raised its operating margins and managed to meet the objectives set out in its Strategic Plan 2016-2018 two years in advance.

The company’s shares

The company’s shares

2018 was the year of expansion and consolidation of the investor base: the shareholders of CIE Automotive became direct shareholders of Dominion. The stock maintained the positive sign for most of the year, despite the market's instability.

Our team

Our team

Dominion has a multicultural workforce consisting of 8,374 people (3.7% more than on 2017) distributed over 23 countries. The communication with its employees was improved with the launch of "The Hub" newsletter.

Our team
Our clients

Our clients

More than one thousand companies all over the world benefit from the range of multi-technical services and specialized engineering solutions offered by Dominion to improve the efficiency of its productive processes.



Community development

The social action projects that the company develops are primarily focused on technological education. All this effort will be channelled from 2019 onwards through Dominion's Foundation.

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Innovation and technology


Innovation and technology

Technological vitality is in Dominion’s DNA. Its range of services and solutions is based on knowledge, advances in technology, industrial research capabilities, development capacity and partnerships with research centres and universities.

Environmental management


Environmental management

All the activities that Dominion carries out for the different projects of its clients are committed with the environment. What is more, the company has implemented new measures in order to reduce the environmental footprint produced by its offices.

The supply chain


The supply chain

Dominion’s relationships with its suppliers are based on respect and trust, that must be aligned with its Code of Conduct, the Purchasing Policy and the Anti-corruption and Fraud Policies. In 2018 the company has made an effort in order to progress in the standardization of social and environmental demands.