Dome Storage Structures

The ideal solution for the storage of bulk sensitive materials.

Dome Storage Structures
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DOMINION’s expertise and technology for the design and construction of dome structures allows us to offer a compete portfolio of bulk storage solutions for the agricultural, industrial, and terminals industries.   Our technology provides our customers with state-of-the-art storage systems, that are the ideal solution for the storage of bulk materials that are sensitive to temperature and humidity.  DOMINION’s dome technology was developed to improve storage conditions, so the original quality of the product being stored is not affected. 



We can provide engineering, civil works construction, mechanical assembly, equipment supply, technical assistance and financing.

We offer solutions for the storage of a wide variety of products including sugar, grain, fertilizers, fly ash, clinker, aluminium, copper concentrate, salt, wood pellets or cement:

Dome Design & Engineering

Dome Construction

Dome Design & Engineering

Our in-house team of dome structure specialists is responsible for building more than 150 projects around the globe including North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Developed to improve storage conditions, the design process of Dome technology is based on integrating waterproofing and insulation, guaranteed by a PVC membrane combined with the application of a polyurethane foam. The waterproofing of the dome is guaranteed by a PVC membrane that will create the initial forming and the exterior coating. Thermic insulation is guaranteed by the application of a layer of polyurethane foam on the entire inner surface of the dome.

Dome Construction

Dome storage provides a large column-free structure capable of storing a high volume of product, up to 100,000 tons in one cell. The execution time for construction of a dome structure is very short compared to other storage solutions.

Concrete domes function most efficiently as “containers” rather than “covers”. This distinction refers mainly to how much of the storage is filled. Traditional storage halls, flat storage warehouses and metal domes merely cover piles of materials, they are not typically designed to be capable of withstanding the pressure of materials piled against them.

The Dome Construction Process

  • Ringbeam is poured via conventional methods
  • An airform is attached to the exterior of the ringbeam. The airform is prefabricated to the dimensions of the building and delivered onsite ready to inflate
  • The airform is inflated and the pressure inside the dome is stabilized
  • Vethane foam is sprayed on to the internal face of the airform. Tabs are embedded in order to receive the first steel rebars
  • Steel rebar is fixed along the walls of the sturcture using the tabs embedded in the foam
  • Concrete is applied via spraying onto the steel grid
  • Once the rebar is fully embedded in concrete, the dome is fan cured for four days, then the door and window openings are cut through the structure.

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