Hospital Waste Incineration

Safe incineration and disposal of hospital waste.

Hospital Waste Incineration
Dominion Global

Together with our German partner, a long-term specialist in the field of hospital waste incineration plants for decades, we assist you in the realization of your project starting with close consultation, planning and design followed by supply, installation and commissioning of the customized plant.

Our world-wide services also include inspection, maintenance and repair for trouble-free consistent operation or refurbishment of existing clinical waste incineration plants.


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We offer both mobile self-contained incinerators which can be set up quickly after customizing the design according to the specific requirements of the customer, and large-scale facilities that are offer end-to-end solutions from collection of medical hazardous waste to safe high-temperature incineration and disposal.


Mobile Self-contained Containerized Incinerators

Available with different load capacities (100 – 500 kg/h)

Our services and features include, among others:

  • High-quality refractories
  • Strong steel construction
  • Durable mechanical components
  • Decreased flue gas volume
  • Very low gas consumption
  • Low operational costs
  • Reliable keeping of environmental requirements including warranty
  • Reliable water circuit below 100° C / individual types of heat exchangers
  • Heat utilization or heat recovery
  • Redundancy of main components / safety components for temperature, pressure, flow monitoring etc.
  • Flue gas cleaning
  • Control system with clear overview and detailed monitoring
  • Online support / remote control
  • Emission monitoring with TÜV (Technical Inspection Agency) approval



Stationary Large-scale Incineration Facilities

They may involve establishing a local joint venture for the purchase of land, logistic concept for hazardous waste collection and transport, safe disposal of waste slag and dust etc.

  • 10 - 15 years of operation of large-scale facilities
  • 100 % financing of large-scale incineration facilities on request

Our services and features include, among others:

  • Delivery of 60 litre one-way boxes for collection of waste
  • Encoding and disinfection of boxes
  • Delivery of boxes from hospital to incineration line
  • Scan process
  • Storage of boxes in supervised cool storage
  • Burning of boxes under controlled and monitored conditions
  • Collection and depositing of slag from burning process
  • Collection and depositing of dust from air cleaning system
  • Traceability of waste disposal
  • Recuperation of energy
  • Planning of location for building (required m² for incineration line, office, laboratory, cool storage, sanitary room, control room, access road etc.)

The 4Ds, at the core of our business model

All our business activities are underpinned by Digitalization, Diversification, Decentralisation and Financial Discipline, in order to deliver the most advanced, reliable and closest service to our customers.

  • Digitalisation
  • Diversification
  • Decentralisation
  • Financial discipline

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